Monitoring and Auditing

  • Monitored by our Experts
  • Self Healing ELK Stack
  • Highly Available
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24/7 Monitoring

For times when the network or infrastructure performance is impacted, our team is notified immediately using enterprise-grade incident management platform Pagerduty, ensuring better collaboration and rapid resolution.

The Logit platform is monitored using StatusCake, a best in class monitoring platform trusted by the world's leading companies. Engineers are available 24/7 for all major incidents, with SLA's available depending on your plan.

  • Enterprise-grade incident management
  • Pagerduty
  • Rapid issue resolution
  • StatusCake
  • SLA's

Active status monitoring

We understand status page's that appear to show a constant green light, though reassuring, aren't very helpful. That is why we decided to make historical performance available for all incidents, so you can see and understand how we manage things when the unexpected happens. Checkout our status at

  • Transparent status updates
  • Historical performance visibility


Logit believes in dogfooding; we use our own product every day to monitor, log, analyse, and all the other incredible things that our customers can do. Our world-class engineering team constantly iterates upon every facet of the platform. Logit is an always improving toolchain, ensuring you get early access to the latest technologies and new features.

  • We use our own product daily
  • Early access to features

ELK logged

Your Dashboard allows you to view and analyse the logs for your whole ELK estate, giving you insight into how it's performing and allowing you to see the impact of any changes to your configurations and pipelines.

  • Access your ELK logs directly
  • Monitor and Analyse impact of your configurations