Role Based Access

  • Centralised Access Control
  • Kibana Only Access
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Accounts, teams and members

You can invite team members to access your Dashboard and help manage your accounts and stacks. Each team member can have different privileges that restrict what they can see and what actions they can take. For instance, you can allow members of your billing team access to your Dashboard to handle and manage payments and procurement.

  • Multiple team members
  • Granular teams
  • Designate roles such a billing and stack management

Teams and roles

In addition to the built-in teams, you can create customised teams specific to your organisation. Each custom team can be given specific roles, stacks and assigned team members, giving you ultimate flexibility.

There are six built-in roles that you can choose from when adding new teams to your account, each with increasing restrictions on the actions team members can take.

Need custom specific roles for a team or members? No problem; our Enterprise plan allows this to be configured for you as required.

  • Create organisation specific teams
  • Stack level roles and members
  • Built-in roles
  • Restrict which actions members can take

Give team members controlled access to your Logit account

You can invite external members of your team to access your account. To protect sensitive data or restrict the actions they can perform, roles within teams can be used to limit their access.

  • Securely invite collaborators
  • Issue secure invite tokens
  • Join multiple organisations with a single account

Team based stack access

Restrict members of your team to give them access to just the ELK stacks they need. Allow specific members to manage billing, whilst others manage and edit the stacks.

    Kibana only access

    Open your dashboards to a broader audience without worrying about team members inadvertently changing things they shouldn't, using the Kibana only role. Easily distribute your visualisations and dashboards both internally and externally to your organisation.

    • Securely share your Kibana dashboards
    • Collaborate seamlessly internally and externally
    • Read-only dashboard access