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By Lee Smith

Centralised Logging

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Using ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana) for centralised logging can bring many benefits to your business. Not only can it help with data visualisation, but it has enormous security advantages for your company too. However, using ELK can potentially be daunting, especially for anyone who has little previous experience in this area.

However, our experts at are well versed at helping businesses across industries with ELK and centralised logging and have created this brief guide of tips and tricks that can improve your efficiency while also making the whole process easier.

  1. Use multiple stacks

Companies are often composed of different teams, each with their own logging requirements. As such, when seeking to analyse the logs from one specific department, it makes sense to have these collated into different stacks under your account. This way, you can easily manage your logs via your own classification systems, instead of constantly having to manually filter unneeded data.

  1. Export data through .CSV files

If you need to share your log data, or transfer it to another user or account, then your first thought might be to share it through the cloud. However, this option might not suit everyone or all circumstances, and it is useful to know that there are other methods too. One of the easiest ways to share data is through the Discover page in Kibana, where you can export your information as a .CSV file.

  1. Use pre-made visualisations

While Kibana is well known for its artistic visualisations that also quickly and easily impart data, creating these can often take time, especially when you have to configure aggregations for the X and Y axis of these charts. However, many companies offer pre-made visualisations for a variety of situations, saving you time and effort while also ensuring accuracy.

Once you've memorised these helpful tips, you may wish to get started with our tutorial for ELK to begin your monitoring, visualising and alerting journey.

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