By Lee Smith


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As an open source platform, the ELK Stack (Elastic, logstash, Kibana) is easy to get started with and best of all – it’s free! With many other costs associated with running a business, cost tends to be the number one appeal for a centralized log management and visualization solution. But what happens when you need to scale up? Will it still be worth your increased time and effort to host your own ELK Stack? Here are some reasons it may be more trouble than its worth.

  1. Loss of stability
    It may be a gradual shift as you scale up, starting with a hanging dashboard or other annoying glitches, but as the queries grow and become more complex, can your solution manage the growth? Sure, you could throw more RAM at it or purchase more disk space, but then aren’t you just then delaying the inevitable?
  2. Getting left behind
    As your user base grows, everyone knows that the amount of events grows not equally, but exponentially. We’re talking billions of events multiplied by hundreds or even thousands at a rate of increase equal to the growth of that initial base. Scaling up other aspects of the environment are often on the forefront of everyone’s minds, with ELK often being relegated to the bottom of the to-do-list, and that’s where you’ll run into trouble.
  3. No dedicated support
    Your growth will inevitably necessitate the need for your ELK Stack to have proper monitoring, security and permissions capabilities, something you probably won’t have a dedicated DBA on hand to take care of. The role of the DBA seems to be one that’s slowly being eliminated in the industry, and bringing someone on board to provide dedicated support for your DB is not something you probably wish to do.

With the growth you anticipate, it makes sense to make the step over to a dedicated, hosted ELK solution like Once we have your data, you have full access to perform searches and analyse what’s happening with your information. We’ll even let you know right away if we detect any anomalies. Visit today for full details, and let us help you before you run into the problems listed above.

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