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By Lee Smith


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Here at, we're always keen to provide a service which makes life easier for our customers. Rather than trying to do the work yourself, choosing as your hosted ELK solution allows us to take the strain.

The ELK stack provides a set of utilities and applications, each one serving a distinct purpose, which, when combined, create a powerful search and analytics platform for your business. If you want to learn more about ELK then why not read our new guide to learn what is ELK or brush up on your knowledge with our top Elasticsearch interview questions?

Centralised logging easily identifies server problems or applications, as it enables you to search all your logs in a single location. In addition, it allows you to identify any issues spanning multiple servers by correlating all the logs within a specified time frame. An open source tool which collects and stores logs, Logstash indexes the logs, while Kibana 4, a web interface, is used to view and search the logs already indexed.

Our clients are able to browse all the data collected, ensuring they have all the attributes needed to generate reports and dashboards, on as small or as large a scale as required.

Every IT department has at some time considered the challenges of a centralised logging infrastructure. But by using Kibana 4 and Elasticsearch, it's possible to have an ELK stack up and running in less than five minutes using OS agents, code libraries or our own API.

Here at, we're always happy to learn of major companies using Elasticsearch, as there are lessons to be learned which will ultimately help future users.

We came across an interesting example of Elasticsearch being used on a large scale recently. Media giant Netflix has 700 - 800 production nodes spanning across 100 Elasticsearch clusters, extracting real-time insights on a huge scale. Netflix's diverse data needs include the requirement to store, search and index documents.

Elasticsearch has provided the solution and over the past two years, its use has grown quickly from its initial handful of isolated deployments to its current large-scale use.

If you enjoyed this post on the benefits of using ELK for centralised logging then why not check out our post on why logging all your data in one place is so important or our tutorial on ELK.

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