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By Lee Smith


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If you’re an e-commerce business selling large numbers of products, it’s absolutely crucial to have a complete overview of how your customers interact with your website. You will want to know the most popular product categories and the individual items which rank highest in those categories. You will need to understand how product popularity patterns change and when. Of course, you will also want to compare this year’s data with last year’s, on a product by product basis.

In addition, your company can also benefit from knowing how well your website’s internal search engine functions. How many customer queries return zero results? Which of these searches are carried out most frequently? What percentage of your customers actually use your search engine?

Having a complete overview of all this data can transform how you structure your website, interact with your customers, promote your products and help you better understand the performance of your stock.

One way to achieve such an overview is to use a hosted ELK stack solution. ELK Stack, which combines the functionality of Elastic Search, Logstash and Kibana 4, gives you the ability to take your log files, crunch them and produce fully interactive, highly detailed dashboards that give a complete, real-time overview of any data you wish to analyse.

Making data accessible to the end user is also important for your business. Different people need to see different sets of data and not everyone will have the same technical skills. The Kibana 4 interface makes it possible to create custom dashboards that filter and present information to suit the needs of specific users.

Another exceptionally useful feature of ELK Stack is that you can use it to import older log files. The advantage of this is that it allows you to compare current and existing data sets immediately, letting you analyse changes in customer behaviour and product popularity right from the start.

Using a hosted ELK provider, like, gives several other benefits to e-commerce sites. ELK Stack works with enormous amounts of data and can, therefore, use a great deal of memory. Letting us host your ELK Stack means that it’s our high performance servers doing all the crunching, whilst yours remain unaffected. Using ELK Stack hosting can be a real driver in better understanding customer behaviour and can help enormously in shaping the future of your business.

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