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In a business world that's moving faster than ever before, successful brands need to work harder than ever to ensure they stay ahead of changes in the market. The proliferation of data available means there's more information to base your decisions on than ever before - but finding out how to read and interpret it accurately is the challenging part.

You need a powerful data search and storage service, but choosing the right one can be tough. Different tools excel at different tasks, whether it's amassing large quantities of data, getting feedback fast, or expertly sorting according to specific criteria.

What is the ELK Stack?

ELK Stack is a powerful and ever-growing platform of open-source products aimed at searching, analysing and visualising your data in real time. Its component parts are Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana.

The power trio

Elasticsearch is a search and analytics engine that works in real time. All the data is instantly made available to use in search and analytics. Its speed and flexibility mean you'll have instant data feedback at your fingertips, which you can interactively search and analyse to gain insights that will help you to improve your business.

Logstash is a powerful, flexible system that collects, enriches and transports data. Its power is in processing data from log, event and data sources to subsequently distribute it to various other platforms.

Kibana's power is in visualisation, rendering your masses of data into stunning, revealing and varied graphics, from geomaps to histograms. Through Kibana 4 (the extra-powerful latest version), abstract trends are turned into strong, visible insights.

How does all of this help me?

So, what does all of this mean for your business? Simply, through the use of this flexible combination of tools, ideally interpreted by a user-friendly SaaS ELK provider such as, you can quickly and intelligibly spot trends in data in real time, keeping you informed and way ahead of the competition.

Harnessing the power of ELK Stack, presents your data in a variety of attractive and easy-to-read graphics, such as pie charts, tables, bar charts, tile maps and much more, all updated in real time. Nothing is more empowering than well-presented data, and the SaaS ELK solution will give you the tools to transform your business for the better.

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