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By Lee Smith

Log Analysis

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Logit has come up with a simple and effective way to centralise your windows event logs in one central location. Using our agent to capture your windows event logs as soon as they happen allows you to have real time access to what's happening on your web servers.

Once you have installed our agent we will start to send your event logs to logit, and they will end up in elastic search which allows you to unlock all the information held in what would be lots of text files and can be a nightmare to analyse and debug.

Installing our agent allows us to live tail your centralised windows event logs by using hosted Log Trail and send them securely to our servers (compressed), if you have any questions or issues with installing our agent please get in touch with us.

It doesn't matter if you have one web server or a large web farm using our service you can search and figure out any issues or improvements you might have to make all in one handy dashboard. Our dashboard will allow you to dive right into your logs, you can apply common filters, search free text and using our drop down to filter by the website!

We have assisted a number of clients in ways to utilise all of the information they have captured as at first it can become overwhelming if you have millions of logs to find a particular issue, if you need some help with your logs, give us a shout!

Once we have captured your event logs we can really unlock the power of search! On our dashboard we provide a histogram which gives you some great ways to visualise your data. If you see a spike of 404 or 500 errors you can easily select a custom date range on the histogram to zoom into your data. Also the histogram provides a few options to represent your data, e.g. Percentile ranges, sum and averages

If you enjoyed this post on centralising Windows Event Logs then why not check out our blog on centralising IIS logs as well as our article on why log management is important for IT Security.

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