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For the newest instalment in our series of interviews asking leading technology specialists about their achievements in their field, we’ve welcomed Shahid Hanif, CTO of Shufti Pro to share his perspective on CTO life.

Tell us about the business you represent, what is their vision & goals?

I am the Founder and CTO of Shufti Pro, an AI-powered identity verification service provider. Our vision is to make IDV seamless and 100% accurate to fight multifaceted fraud.

A future where fraud prevention is cost-effective, accessible to every big and small business and identity verification can be performed anywhere in the world in milliseconds. Shufti Pro aims at helping businesses eliminate identity fraud and financial crimes with artificial intelligence.

Can you share a little bit about yourself and how you got into the field of artificial intelligence?

Since my high school days, I wanted to excel in the tech industry. My specialization was in AI and after terrible experiences with identity verification systems, I decided to develop an AI-backed identity verification and screening solution that is robust, effective, reliable, fast, and accurate.

What does your day to day responsibilities look like at your organisation?

Being in the Regtech industry comes with several challenges on a daily basis and my day to day tasks revolve around solving those problems. Assisting my team to ensure data security, privacy, compliance, and effective data management are some of the tasks to name.

What are the key differences between computer science, machine learning and AI?

Computer science is a generic and diverse concept that includes numerical analysis, computer systems, and networks. However, Artificial Intelligence is its implementation or you can say a field of CS. Machine Learning, on the other hand, gives computers the ability to learn from numbers without explicit programming.

What are some misconceptions that you believe the average person has about AI?

One of the most common misconceptions that I hear is “AI is affecting the employment rate”. Although artificial intelligence and automation is what the world needs now and in the years to come, there’s always a need for human monitoring to ensure everything goes as planned.

What advice would you give to someone wishing to start their career in artificial intelligence?

It’s all about technology in the years ahead and AI is already taking over all corners of the corporate world. I would suggest they select a niche before they step into the world of AI. It’ll help them be more productive and innovative.

Are there any books, blogs, or any other resources that you highly recommend on the subject of AI?

For blogs, newbies should keep an eye on Forbes, Entrepreneur and TechCrunch. I would recommend the following books:

The Master Algorithm: How The Quest For The Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World By Pedro Domingos

Inspired: How To Create Tech Products Customers Love By Marty Cagan

AI For People And Business By Alex Castrounis

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