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By Eleanor Bennett


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We are pleased to announce the beta launch of hosted Grafana in addition to our existing ELK as a Service & hosted Open Distro services.

As organisations around the world are constantly looking for ways that they can ensure compliance is being upheld, speeding up Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and reducing the risk of DDoS attacks, managed Grafana forms a vital role in improving metrics observability across the entirety of your infrastructure.

The addition of hosted Grafana will allow the technology leaders that use our platform to further improve their observability by having the choice to utilise all of the leading open-source solutions for logging and metrics analysis side by side.

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Grafana is one of the leading open-source solutions for metrics analytics due to its proficiency in visualisation, monitoring and its compatibility with a wide range of tools that further enhance its capabilities.

Grafana is not only home to an intuitive UI but is also feature-rich and can be configured to display metrics from a range of databases. Grafana is also well known for its flexibility and is subsequently a favourite tool of engineers and technology leaders across the globe.

By using you can experience the best features that Grafana has to offer without the maintenance required to configure, manage and scale the software alongside your operations.

Our platform also provides cost-effective pricing without confusion, zero vendor lock-in or data egress fees, unlike other cloud-native logging services that charge additional fees for the processing of metrics.

Hosted Grafana also integrates with all of the key cloud platforms that users are already familiar with such as AWS, GCP and Azure.

Grafana is commonly used for a wealth of use cases, including but not limited to the following:

  • Server monitoring
  • Container monitoring
  • SSL expiry tracking
  • Performance testing
  • Windows host monitoring
  • Kubernetes management tool

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Grafana is most commonly used by DevOps, software engineers, Linux & system administrators, but is also often used by a variety of other engineers who need to work with metrics frequently and those who are interested in its applications as a DevSecOps tool.

Have questions or want to give us feedback? Feel free to reach out by contacting the support team by email at [email protected], visiting our help centre or via live chat

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