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By Eleanor Bennett


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We are excited to inform all of our users that we will be bringing OpenSearch and OpenDashboards onto the platform in the coming months.

You may have already been aware that we’ve previously announced our support for the previous iteration of OpenSearch & OpenDashboards known as Open Distro in our response here.

Due to our early public support of these oncoming changes you can see our platform cited on the official AWS OpenSearch website.

OpenSearch is the new fork of Elasticsearch 7.10.2 and OpenDashboards extends this to include Kibana version (7.10.2), spearheaded by AWS. These versions of Elasticsearch and Kibana are built on fully open source Apache licensing unlike versions of the ELK stack launched after 7.10.2 which are published under a proprietary dual license.

As wishes to ensure that our users can reap all the benefits of the best attributes of fully open-source Elasticsearch and Kibana you’ll be glad to know that thanks to our continued alignment with the OpenSearch project that our team will be working to add many exciting new features to the platform as soon our engineers ensure their status is suitable for your production environments.

Currently, OpenSearch & OpenDashboards are in their Beta phase and are not ready to be launched for our users to create production-ready Elastic Stacks, as soon as this changes we’ll be sure to make both our customers and users aware of this change.

To get a preview of all of the exciting features that are in development for OpenSearch take a look at the official Github repositories for more information:

You may be wondering what these future changes might mean for existing users? We will be working with the aim of giving our users the freedom to run all flavours of Logit ELK, Open Distro, OpenSearch & Open Dashboards for any of their Stacks when the latter distribution is launched on our platform. will continue to maintain the same expected levels of support for all of the Elasticsearch and Kibana versions our platform is home to, new and legacy.

As of today, you are free to use any older versions of ELK and the newer Open Distro Elasticsearch to run any of your Stacks side by side, as this is fully supported by our platform.

Want to find out more about OpenSearch and OpenDashboards and how this update affects you? Feel free to reach out to a member of our support team via live chat or simply email [email protected]

Want to stay current with all of our platform changes, feature releases and news as it happens? Make sure to follow our Twitter and LinkedIn as we as our changelog to keep up to date with everything happening at

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