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By Eleanor Bennett


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We are pleased to announce today that we have expanded our range of available data storage regions to include a new dedicated UK data centre available for any Stacks provisioned starting from today. This UK data centre is in addition to our existing coverage of the US & EMEA regions.

For users that may have been previously unaware, has already had a number of dedicated data centres across the EU, EMEA & US regions.

Thanks to a recent platform redesign you will now find that it is easier to select the region in which you want your new Stacks provisioned. If you wish to review our transparent pricing by region simply visit our pricing page.

As a result of our continued growth across the EMEA, US & the UK, we are happy to be in a position to further tailor our platform to users that wish to host their data locally (often due to compliance and data storage concerns).

These platform updates allow any of our users from the European Union, United States & the UK to select their corresponding data centre from the Stack setup page so that they can ensure that their data is being processed in compliance with any specific regional data guidelines they may have to operate in compliance with.

In case you haven’t already heard, is now home to managed Open Distro ELK which brings together the best open source security and reporting features available for Elasticsearch and Kibana.

Open Distro ELK is now available for deployment on any newly created Stacks across all of our geographic regions with news on Open Search and Open Dashboards to follow shortly.

For users operating within EU member states specifically, it is recommended in accordance with EU regulations, that you should store your log data in data centres that also reside within the EU where possible.'s continued investment towards data residency by maintaining multiple highly available data centres forms just a small part of our commitment towards enabling compliance and enterprise-grade security for our users.

In addition to enabling our users to process data in compliance with their respective territories, the platform also operates in compliance with SOC2, GDPR, ISO 27001, HIPPA & PCI.

We aim to exceed expectations for operating in line with the most commonly recognised data privacy standards and subsequently offer a platform that can also be used as a solution to help maintain the compliance and data auditing requirements of our customers.

Data residency is often a focus of concern for customers within larger organisations that operate across multiple territories, is built with these concerns in mind so that you can create Stacks in different regions which makes our platform fully integrated for users that require multi-region compliance in their logs and metrics observability platform.

New customers that wish to host their data in an additional territory to the ones detailed above are encouraged to reach out to’s support team to discuss their specific data centre needs.

Have any questions about these new platform changes, multi-region data centres or Open Distro? Then feel free to get in touch with our support team via live chat.

If you enjoyed this post on our new UK data centre then why not check out our case study on how we helped Uizard centralise their log and metrics data or our guide on open-source business intelligence tools?

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