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By Eleanor Bennett


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We’re pleased to announce that we’ve launched our advanced audit log feature and have rolled this out to users across all of’s operating regions. The audit log is visible on both account and individual Stack level.



Audit logs capture events that show which user on your account performed an activity or accessed a part of your log management system.

Our advanced audit log offers search and filter capabilities that allow the user to query by event type, ID, IP address and Stack ID.



Monitoring your audit logs gives you a clearer picture of who is responsible for accessing data and performing actions with potentially sensitive information. Data protection officers and those in roles required to demonstrate compliance under GDPR will also find this feature useful if they are required to retain data on the long term behaviour of internal users.

These audit log events should be periodically reviewed to ensure that users with privileged access are modifying data in line with their organisation’s guidelines and ensure security best practises are being upheld.

These improvements for the advanced audit log also include an export feature that allows you to export internal activity events as either CSV or JSON files for long term external storage.

Users will also now be able to view Kibana access events easily and see when a new user has been invited to join the account at a glance. We are continuously updating our Kibana dashboard features, including our audit log.

Have a feature you’d like to see on the platform? Then feel free to drop us a message via chat.

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