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By Eleanor Bennett


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We are pleased to announce that all users can now benefit from having their stacks hosted on NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) SSDs.

NVMe is one of the newest high-performance networking technologies changing the landscape of scalable infrastructure and assisting in decreasing infrastructure costs on a revolutionary scale.

NVMe backed SSDs are faster than the previously used SSDs by around 430,000 IOPs (Input/Output Operations Per Second) providing a very noticeable improvement on the 50,000 IOPs used previously by standard SSDs. Each server is backed by four NVMe SSDs.

Average Hosted Kibana & Elasticsearch query response times are seeing speed improvements between 5x to 10x faster as a result of this upgrade.

All stacks have now been migrated to this new infrastructure & NVMe backed disks are supported across all plans.

This is part of our continuous improvement of the platform & is offered free of charge to all current and new users as of June 2020.

The new NVMe infrastructure we’ve put into place is just one of our newest measures implemented to support our industry-leading hybrid cloud log management and analysis.

If you enjoyed this use case on how we improved our platform speed by up to 10x then why not check out our previous dashboard improvement news.

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