By Lee Smith


2 min read’s ELK stack is one of the most powerful data analysis solutions available. However, you can only analyse data that you can locate and access. Some data analysis tools are undermined by the fact that they lack a convenient and intuitive way to search for information; they rely on recondite search procedures that require the user to be highly computer-literate. Luckily, our ELK stack doesn’t fall into this trap. Elastic Search (one the three essential pillars of the stack) enables users to search for data in an organic and natural manner. This is achieved by allowing users to find data using a full-text search.

Elastic Search’s full-text search can be used in a similar fashion to the search bar of an internet browser. Users can simply type in their query and wait for Elastic Search to return their results. The full-text uses Apache Lucene (which is a highly-respected full-text search software solution) as a base, but augments it with distributed capabilities. This makes Elastic Search’s full-text search one of the most powerful tools of its kind.

Yet why is it important to give users such an intuitive way to search for information? Businesses are among our ELK stack solution’s main users; they use its data analysis capabilities to help them spot patterns of behaviour or actions that allow them to operate more efficiently and profitably. They may even use the ELK stack to predict customer behaviour or what direction their market sector is likely to take. In fact, the website Chron (which is dedicated to small businesses), has a full article explaining the importance of data in business (available at As such, it’s vital that the ELK stack is accessible to people whose expertise are business-centric instead of simply IT-centric.

Of course, the average business owner or employee may still need help operating an ELK stack, even with a full-text search. That’s why we fully manage our ELK solution and offer our client’s custom solutions that suit their level of experience with ELK software (as explained on our homepage at What’s more, we even offer various levels of pricing to match the type of custom solution you need.

A full-text search option may seem like a tiny, trivial detail, but it is actually one of the most useful and essential parts of any ELK stack data analysis solution, including ours.

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