If you’ve previously used older versions of open source Elasticsearch & Kibana you may feel that out of the box security features are lacking without the assistance of additional plugins and maintenance of extensive firewall configurations.

Prior to Open Distro for Elasticsearch if you used the free version of Elasticsearch there wasn't a pre-built solution for ensuring both compliance and security for how users can access their company's data.

Logit.io offers managed Open Distro which includes enhanced Kibana & Elasticsearch security roles to protect your users and help them to ensure compliance across their log management activities.

Elasticsearch security featuresElasticsearch security features

Why Is Security Vital For Running Elasticsearch?

If you are storing sensitive data within Elasticsearch and Kibana it is essential to set security configurations so that internal staff have appropriate access to the data they require and are not privy to data from other departments or potentially sensitive user data.

By using Logit.io’s managed Elasticsearch service which harnesses the best security features from Open Distro for Elasticsearch paired alongside our built in Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) you can benefit from being able to configure the necessary settings required to secure access to your data and dashboards.

Enhanced Security Features For The Elastic Stack

Granular, role-based access controls place the responsibility in your hands to control the actions a staff member or external contributor can perform against your Elasticsearch clusters as well as their access to specified indexes.

Our managed service supporting Open Distro for Elasticsearch fully enables users to set Role Based Access Controls (also known as RBAC) to restrict internal users and unauthorised staff accessing data, reports and dashboards that they haven’t been permitted to view. This includes pre-defined roles for Kibana Read Only and Dashboard Read Only, in addition to custom roles that you can manage yourself.

In addition, Kibana Multi-Tenancy is used to create containers that can store dashboards, visualisations & index patterns for private viewing or sharing with other members of your organisation, to allow multiple roles within an organisation to share the same Elasticsearch cluster.

security features from Open Distro For Elasticsearchsecurity features from Open Distro For Elasticsearch
benefits of role based access controlbenefits of role based access control

Benefits of RBAC For Kibana & Elasticsearch

Our platform supports fully hardened security features allowing users to launch Stacks that can be used to ensure workloads that include sensitive data are run in compliance and in line with security best practices including ISO, PCI, HIPAA and GDPR.

Role Based Access Control (also known as RBAC) gives you the ability to use fine grained access controls to restrict internal users and unauthorised staff accessing data, dashboards and Stacks that haven’t been permitted by the account’s administrators or team leaders.

Likely one of the most significant benefits of being able to oversee staff access controls with Elasticsearch and Kibana privileges is that by thoroughly setting your index level security permissions you can ensure that access to your data is always compliant and secure.

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Granular Security Permissions

The Logit.io platform allows for index, document and field level permissions to be controlled within Kibana for tightly controlled security best practices to be ensured.

Index level permissions are used to allow or disallow actions that would affect indices matching the configured index patterns, such as setting read or write permissions to various Stacks under your administration.

Document level permissions when set restrict users from being able to view documents that they are unauthorised to view, edit or share. There are many use cases where this would be required, especially in compliance with HIPPA and various other regulations directly affected by data hygiene.

Field level permissions restrict users from being able to access and modify specific fields within a document or dashboard. This means that dashboards can not be edited in a way that isn’t permitted by your administrator.

Custom security permissionsCustom security permissions
Secure your Elasticsearch clusters

Enhanced Open Distro Security Features:

  • Role Based Access Control
  • Additional Built In Role Options
  • Index Level Restrictions
  • Document Level Restrictions
  • Field Level Restrictions
  • Node-to-node Encryption
  • Read Only Dashboard Role
  • Read Only Kibana Role
  • Multi-tenancy Kibana
  • Kibana Notebooks
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