Logit.io’s enterprise log management solution makes light work of processing unstructured log data across decentralised systems to allow you to minimise the time it takes you to pinpoint errors, data breaches and other mission critical incidents throughtout your business.

By centralising log and metrics data you can also quickly start building out detailed reporting and monitoring dashboards using our platform for complete system observability.

Enable your teams to gain deeper insights and make data-driven decisions based on real-time log data analysis.

With the average cost of downtime costing enterprise businesses over $301,000 an hour in 2019, (ITIC, 2019, Global Server Hardware Report), using our enterprise monitoring tool to protect your infrastructure is a no-brainer for business scalability.

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The ELK Stack For Enterprise Logging

The combined power of Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana and Beats makes up the Elastic Stack (also known as the ELK Stack) which forms one of the world’s most popular solutions for log management.

While this open-source software is free initially and can be managed for smaller-scale analysis and troubleshooting projects in-house, when it comes to enterprise-level use cases it can be highly difficult to configure, upgrade and maintain inline with the data complexities that commonly affect fast-growing businesses.

Open Source As An Infrastructure Monitoring Solution

Beyond log management, our managed Grafana & Elastic Stack platform provides out of the box, production-ready Infrastructure monitoring, Hybrid and multi-cloud monitoring and container monitoring with readily accessible integrations and data sources that ingest application and log files fast.

As part of our monitoring solution, both custom and pre-configured alerts can be sent to Slack, Jira, Pagerduty, VictorOps, Opsgenie and ServiceNow to inform your teams as spikes and errors occur on instances.

This makes Logit.io a complete monitoring and management system for observability, for both cloud and on-premise environments. The platform is well suited across a wealth of use-cases beyond it’s commonly used application for Sysadmins, DevOps and Security Engineers.

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Enterprise Compliance and Data Hygiene

Using Logit.io ensures that you can follow the leading enterprise logging best practices and stay on top of the constantly changing demands of ISO 27001, SOC2 and GDPR compliance by consolidating all of your operational and security data in one centralised log and metrics platform.

Additionally, as part of our continuous optimisation of the platform. we’ve recently increased the number of data centers we use so can now provide full coverage of US, UK, and EMEA territories for customers that require additional compliance at a localised level.

For users that require additional security, we cover a selection of the most popular authentication providers including (but not limited to), Single Sign-On (SSO), Okta, and One Login.

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Ringier testimonial

"Shortly after deploying Logit.io, we were able to show the results and impact. The speed at which we were able to deploy the solution was phenomenal. The ELK stack was providing results from very early on.

We can now better understand our security measures and our network. Our decisions can be made with data to back them up. We have a better understanding of the health of our systems."

IT Security Officer - Ringier

For Government and Public Sector

The Logit.io platform has been an approved log management Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS) for the UK’s government and public sector for a number of consecutive years and is utilised across many of HM’s Government cabinet-level departments .

multiple ELK stacksmultiple ELK stacks

Eliminate The Need For Capacity Planning

Our log management tool removes the burden of capacity planning by providing a complete solution for monitoring unexpected spikes, detecting faults and preventing downtime of your critical systems and network devices.

Track all of your infrastructure processes in their entirety, even in the event that you're generating many terabytes of event log messages, system logs or require the addition of a new system to be added to your logging instance.

Enhanced Support & Dedicated Account Management

While all users benefit from a range of self-service support and ticketing tools, our Enterprise clients benefit from priority support and are assigned a dedicated Account Manager to make the process of onboarding your team members seamless.

As part of our enhanced support, you’ll gain unprecedented access to technical support from Senior Elastic Stack Engineers who’ll work alongside you to implement custom dashboards, configurations, visualisations, and filters.

Our enhanced support access is just one of the core benefits you gain when using hosted ELK over a build-your-own deployment.

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Custom Data Retention Available

Logit.io’s enterprise logging solution gives users additional access to custom flexible data volumes and retention periods, which can be easily configured on a Stack by Stack basis.

Custom isolated logging stacks provide you with the ability to specify dedicated physically separated hardware as isolated Stacks which include non-shared environment options.

NVMe Backed Infrastructure For Lightning Fast Querying

Our users enjoy industry-leading fast cloud infrastructure thanks to a disaggregated NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) storage built for scalability at the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

This recent upgrade to the platform makes the transfer of petabytes of data faster than ever and allows users to perform queries against their data at a rate of 5x to 10x faster than the previously used SSDs.

NVMe SSDs provide many advantages over commonly used protocols and have shown benefits across many enterprise use cases for increasing the reliability of large file transfers while reducing latency and allowing users fast and highly reliable access to their log events.

For real-time big data analysis, NVMe has been shown to have improved capabilities and is forecasted to become essential to analysts that require near instant visibility of mission-critical operations.

NVMe Stacks

Benefits Of Enterprise Log Management From Logit.io

  • Alert on any match

    High Availability Enterprise uptime SLAs available to 99.999%

  • New term Alert on any match

    Monitoring Across A Variety Of Microservices, Infrastructure & Environments

  • Blastlist alert

    Index snapshots to long term storage for AWS, GCP and Azure

  • Unique alert

    Auto Scaling Platform That Grows With Your Data Needs

  • Whitelist alert

    Easily Upgrade and Migrate Your Elastic Stack

  • Unique alert

    GOV.UK Approved Platform As A Service (PaaS)

  • Change alert

    Expert Engineer Led Support

  • Spike alert

    Comprehensive compliance and auditing options

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