Get a DemoStart Free TrialSign In Subprocessors Limited (we, us, our or is required by Article 28 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to disclose its subprocessors where Limited itself is acting as a data processor. The below information contains the list of third-party subprocessors used across Limited products and services. This list of subprocessors may also be required by customers operating in compliance with the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act).


In an effort to be as transparent as possible to our users, the following Subprocessor list includes any third-parties who may have access to your data by utilising Limited products and services. The type of data that the Subprocessor has access to is limited to only what is reasonably necessary to perform the services provided.




Amazon Web Services, Inc.

United States

Infrastructure and data hosting, DNS and Backup

OVH Groupe SA


Infrastructure and data hosting

OVH Limited


Infrastructure and data hosting


United States

Infrastructure and data hosting

Cloudflare, Inc.

United States

Content Distribution, Security, Abuse Prevention, Web Traffic Services Provider and DNS


United States

Marketing Content

Google LLC (Google Workspace)

United States

Email and office applications

Slack Technologies, LLC

United States

Internal communication

Mailgun Technologies, Inc.

United States


Stripe, Inc.

United States

Payments Processor


United States

Customer support ticketing



Identity Management

Calendly LLC

United States

Online appointment scheduling software


United States

CRM tool

Last updated: 31 October 2023.

Including Within Your Data Subprocessor List

If you are an existing customer of then you may wish to consider disclosing the use of our platform to your visitors by including a link to this page for your users to view as part of your public-facing data processing agreement.

This link would most often be located on a privacy policy page or wherever you have chosen to host a list of your named data subprocessors.

Although many privacy policies cite their subprocessors (or may refer to them broadly as third parties) by including the relevant link to their website you give your visitors an easy and transparent way to directly view how their data may be processed.

If you wish to disclose the category of personal information collected according to CCPA, would fall under the designation: internet information.

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