Use Logit for …

Infrastructure logs / metrics

Record past performance and ensure your servers are operating correctly in real time. Give your operations team the tools to firefight and plan ahead.

Application logs / metrics

Allow developers to log arbitrary structured data. By logging all exceptions, logs and performance data your development team can diagnose errors, improve application performance and track user engagement.

Business analytics in Real Time

Record your business data and build comprehensive visualisations and dashboards. Gain valuable fresh insights and start making informed business planning decisions.

Features …

Visualise your logs/data

Area charts, Data tables, Line charts, Markdown widgets, Metrics, Pie charts, Tile maps, Vertical bar charts and more.

Kibana 4

Powered by Kibana 4 (made by the fantastic Elasticsearch team), you have all the control at your fingertips.

Configurable Logstash

As we provide you with your own Logstash instance, we want to give you the flexibility of editing your own filters, this gives you great control over what/how you index your data.

If you don't want to edit your own filters, our tech team will advise and apply them for you, so you get the best of both worlds!

Logstash Backup

We automatically backup your logstash configuration each time you (or we) make a change, just incase!

ALL your logs in one place

Whether you send log, events or something custom, sending this information to Logit gets you the power of elasticsearch, logstash and kibana (the ELK stack) instantly.

Securely Share your data

Share your data and visualisations with anyone in your team and company with multi user accounts.

Multiple ELK Stacks

You can have just a single ELK stack where you put all your data, or have as many as you need! For example, Dev, Test, Live stacks or Development, Marketing stacks.

Each Stack can have a different daily usage and retention applied so you only pay for what you actually need

Direct Elasticsearch API Access

Need access to Elasticsearch HTTP API? We got that covered. Secure access to your cluster with API keys, JWT or simply IP restrictions. And it's load balanced across your cluster for HA.

Beats compatible

Are you cutting edge? We're ready for you. We fully support shipping Beats data either to Logstash or direct to Elasticsearch.

Custom data HTTP API

We have written our own HTTP API for receiving your data. It's simple, easy and quick to use. Behind the scenes it's HA, distributed and message based to ensure you don't lose a single log.

Simple Setup

You can be up and running and sending data to our service in less than 5 minutes, with OS Agents, code libraries or via our api!.

Fully managed by us

Our experts know ELK stack inside out. We do all the heavy lifting so you can jump straight into Kibana. Zero hassle.

Whether your a whizz with logstash and elastic search already or just getting started, we'll ensure you get the most out of our managed ELK product.

High Availability (Optional)

Optional multi-region HA for elasticsearch and data ingestion. Only if you need it, it's your choice.


Dont worry if you dont know your exact requirements or data needs, our team will work with you! We scale the solution as you grow!


We offer wordwide support and live chat functionality, you get a dedicated account manager and we answer all questions as quick as we can and you get to talk to technical people!

We're flexible

If you need something a bit different, we'll work with you and often without extra cost. We have flexible provisioning systems that allow us to quickly and easily customise ELK for your needs.