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Hosted ELK, Grafana & Prometheus Backed Observability's Logging As A Service (LaaS) has made it much easier for us to provide better support to our customers.

- Mats von Weissenberg - CTO, Youredi

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What Does Do? provides automation, analysis and alerting built on the best in open source to offer fully hosted ELK (now OpenSearch), managed Grafana and Prometheus.

We understand the significance of logging and metrics for your business and understand the complexities involved in managing logs, as well as analyzing metrics and traces.

Our observability solution is the most flexible and affordable on the market. With no vendor lock-in, transparent pricing, no data egress fees and absolutely zero mandatory multi-year contracts (unlike many other observability providers).

Fully Managed & Hosted Open Source Services

Unlock the power of the leading open source observability solutions without any of the overheads or configuration headaches.

Companies Feel The Difference When They Use

"Internally, has made it easier for us to provide better support for our customers, since finding individual messages based on various data in the payload has become easier.

At Youredi, pretty much everyone from our technical support teams through to our professional services teams uses"

Mats von Weissenberg, CTO @ Youredi

Youredi testimonial

"One thing is certain when operating in the startup space, a strict budget. Before we make any purchase decision to use a SaaS Log Management platform, we need to validate the benefits of the platform and more importantly the team behind the platform.'s customer support team stood out. Right from the beginning, the team was there to answer questions and walk us through the process."

Ioannis Sintos, Co-Founder & CIO - Uizard

Uizard testimonial offers our company an excellent solution of ingesting our logs, we recently had to do quite a few updates on the platform since the previous service owner in our company left and didn't want to do them, was of great assistance throughout the whole process.

Thierry Gysin, Co-Founder & CIO - Ringier

Ringier testimonial is used around the world for the following applications

Manage Your Data, No Matter The Source works alongside all of your favourite cloud services, programming languages and operating systems to ingest your data seamlessly into our platform.

  • .NET

We have a solution for every observability use case

How can we help you today?

  • APM

    Application Performance Monitoring


    Accelerate project delivery timelines with the power of APM. Our platform provides your team with unparalleled visibility throughout every stage of the application delivery lifecycle, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness from development to deployment.

    Our robust platform empowers your teams to correlate data across your entire application stack, enabling them to identify trends, analyze patterns, and optimize performance with ease. By streamlining the process of collecting, analyzing, and acting upon data, helps your team focus on delivering high-quality software faster and more reliably.

    Built to seamlessly integrate with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Docker, and Kubernetes orchestration, our platform ensures complete support for your diverse infrastructure needs. Unlock the full potential of your application performance monitoring with

    Learn More About APMLearn More About APMgo
  • Log Management

    Log Management

    Enhance your team's efficiency and streamline operations with Log Management. Experience the power of centralized log collection, storage, and analysis to gain deep insights into your system's performance, security, and operational health.'s robust log management platform empowers your team to effortlessly collect and consolidate logs from across your entire infrastructure, applications, and services. With our intuitive interface and powerful search capabilities, you can quickly pinpoint issues, troubleshoot problems, and make informed decisions to keep your systems running smoothly.

    Stay ahead of potential issues and security threats with real-time monitoring and alerting features. enables you to proactively detect anomalies and suspicious activities, helping you safeguard your data and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

    Log Management
  • Metrics Management

    Metrics Management


    Improve your team's performance monitoring capabilities with Metrics Management. Harness the power of managed Prometheus and hosted Grafana to gain unparalleled insights into your system's performance metrics.

    Gain real-time visibility into key performance indicators, identify trends, and track the health of your systems with precision. enables you to create customizable dashboards and reports, empowering your team to make data-driven decisions and optimize performance proactively.

    Stay ahead of performance bottlenecks, capacity issues, and downtime with advanced alerting and anomaly detection capabilities. helps you identify and mitigate issues before they impact your users, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers.

    Metrics Management
  • OpenTelemetry

    Native Integration With OpenTelemetry

    Unlock the full potential of observability with's native integration with OpenTelemetry. Seamlessly collect, correlate, and analyze telemetry data from your applications and services to gain deep insights into performance, reliability, and user experience.'s integration with OpenTelemetry enables you to effortlessly instrument your applications with standardized, vendor-agnostic telemetry data, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of observability tools and platforms.

    Once instrumented, enables you to leverage the full power of OpenTelemetry's rich data model. Trace requests as they flow through your distributed systems, capturing detailed information about latency, errors, and dependencies. With's advanced analytics and visualization capabilities, you can explore these traces in depth, gaining insights into performance bottlenecks, service dependencies, and user interactions.


Used By Over 1000+ Engineers And It Leaders helps you to ensure compliance

  • ISO 27001

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COMPLIANCE operates in full compliance with ISO, PCI, HIPAA and GDPR.

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