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Automation, Analysis and Alerting

Built on Elk

Logit understands the importance of logging and metrics for your business along with the complex challenges that log management & analysis brings.

Visualise and monitoringVisualise and monitoring

Our platform delivers you with a fully customised log and metrics solution based on Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (Elastic Stack), which is scalable, secure, and compliant. Our ELK as-a-Service solution is suited for every size of business, no matter how fast you’re growing!

Data driven insightData driven insight

Enable your team to make decisions and take action based on data-driven insights captured in real-time. Use our live tailing feature to stream log events for instant feedback and analyse errors for faster troubleshooting.

Logging as a serviceLogging as a service

Focus on running your business without the overheads of managing your log data & reduce your total cost of ownership with our logging-as-a-service platform. Logit allows you to prevent unforeseen downtime costing businesses like yours an average of $301,000 an hour in 2019.


Whether it's securing and auditing user access, or alerting on mission critical solutions, we have it covered

Your complete log analysis, monitoring & observability platform

ELK as a Service

ELK as a Service

ELK as a Service provides busy DevOps, SysAdmins, and IT leaders with an affordable alternative to building your own Elastic Stacks and training dedicated staff to upgrade your Stacks to latest version of Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana.

Our fully managed ELK platform saves engineers from a range of industries hundreds of hours annually and allows their technical leads to get back to analysing, developing and scaling their business operations for growth.

Discover How ELK As A Service Can Secure Your BusinessDiscover more about Logit’s ELK Stacksgo

Used by over 1000+ Engineers and IT Leaders

We have a solution for every type of business across a variety of teams

How can we help you today?

  • Dev Ops Professionals

    Dev-Ops Professionals


    Enable your team to deliver work faster with Logit. We provide you with complete visibility throughout the application delivery lifecycle.

    Allow your teams to correlate your entire application stack from one centralised logging system & uncover the value of your server logs easily.

    Our platform is built to offer complete support for AWS, Azure, and GCP (Google Cloud Platform) environments & Kubernetes orchestration.

    Dev Ops Professionals
  • Business Analysts

    Business Analysts

    Gain a competitive edge in your marketplace with our flexible business analytics solution that enables you to identify customer trends, buying patterns, geographical data, search behaviour & much more.

    Streamline your business operations and report from a single source of truth by merging all of your application data in one platform with Logit.

    Business Analysts
  • Infosec Professionals

    Infosec Professionals


    Provide your information security teams with the intelligence to combat threats & respond to security incidents.

    Analyse your system logs for anomalies, intrusions and identify attack patterns in minutes with the Logit platform.

    Infosec Professionals
  • Public sector

    Public sector

    For IT leaders powering modern government infrastructure, our platform delivers a complete logging and metrics solution built on the Elastic Stack (ELK).

    Make decisions & take action based on real-time, data driven insights. Our platform is utilised across HM Government, cabinet level departments and the Civil Aviation Authority.

    Public sector

Features & Analysis

  • Fully managed ELK

    Fully Managed ELK

  • Log Management

    Log Management

  • High Availability

    High Availability

  • Custom SLA Availability

    Custom SLA Availability

  • Alerting & Monitoring

    Alerting & Monitoring

  • ELK as a Service

    ELK as a Service

  • Support


  • Logstash Pipeline

    Logstash Pipelines

  • Affordable


  • Centralised Live Tailing

    Centralised Live Tailing


You're in good company

Ringier testimonial

"Shortly after deploying Logit.io, we were able to show the results and impact. The speed at which we were able to deploy the solution was phenomenal. The ELK stack was providing results from very early on.

We can now better understand our security measures and our network. Our decisions can be made with data to back them up. We have a better understanding of the health of our systems."

IT Security Officer - Ringier

Discover more about Logit

  • Data integration


    Learn more about our data integrations and how you can start sending data right away.

  • Pricing


    Our prices and plans are customised to your business's needs. We offer custom retention, data allowances and more.

  • Compliance


    Learn more about how we guarantee the security of your data. Our platform operates in compliance with ISO, PCI, HIPAA and GDPR.

  • Logging as a Service


    Find out how Logging-As-A-Service helps teams to identify spikes, react to high error alerts and audit application response times.

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