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A few of the featuring included among Google Cloud Platform's cloud services are computing, data storage, data analytics, and machine learning. Serverless computing environments and infrastructure as a service are also provided by Google Cloud Platform.

From start-ups interested in reducing upfront infrastructure costs, to enterprises looking to deliver products to market faster, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is often used for managing infrastructure and global-scale applications across a wide range of industries.

In addition to providing a distributed, scalable infrastructure, Google Cloud Platform brings new types of complexity, as its users need visibility into every layer of their GCP cloud infrastructure in order to troubleshoot issues efficiently.

For engineers and cybersecurity experts alike, Logit.io understands how vital accurate and effective log monitoring is. Once you configure alerts from your Logit.io dashboard, you can relax knowing that your technicians are alerted to every notable incident and trend with Logit.io's GCP log monitoring system.

A comprehensive view of your hybrid Google Cloud environment can be obtained by combining metrics, logs, and traces. With over 100 available integrations for popular tools and programming languages, you can collect telemetry from applications, infrastructure, and more.


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Using Logit.io For GCP Log Monitoring

Monitoring your Google cloud environment with Logit.io's GCP monitoring and analytics tool gives you complete visibility into the performance of all components of your Google cloud environment. Performance issues can be easily identified and troubleshooted by our root cause analysis capabilities supported by OpenSearch & Grafana.

Our ready made integrations supports GCP services through easy-to-follow guides which allow you to collect all data streaming from these complex environments. By providing deep, cross-platform visibility into critical applications, Logit.io is able to combie observability data from any service.

By using Logit.io you can track the performance of a wide variety of Google Cloud services, including Google Compute, Google Cloud Billing, Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud VPC, Google Pub/Sub, Google Cloud Load Balancing, Google Cloud Function, and Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine.

GCP Monitoring

Companies Feel The Difference When They Use Logit.io

Youredi testimonial

"Internally, Logit.io has made it easier for us to provide better support for our customers, since finding individual messages based on various data in the payload has become easier.

At Youredi, pretty much everyone from our technical support teams through to our professional services teams uses Logit.io."

Mats von Weissenberg, CTO @ Youredi

dashboards and reportingdashboards and reporting

Centralised Dashboards & Reporting

When you use Logit.io, your entire Google Cloud Platform operations and cloud infrastructure is monitored using hosted Opensearch alongside Grafana. Using OpenSearch in conjunction with OpenSearch Dashboards, our cloud monitoring tool allows you to gain complete visibility over your cloud applications' data.

Using OpenSearch Dashboards, you can explore your Google Cloud Platform log data quickly and also have the freedom to analysis Azure and AWS logs as well.

Another benefit of our hosted OpenSearch backed solution is that we provide users with scheduled reporting services that allow them to generate PDF, PNG, and CSV reports from saved searches, visalisations, and reports.

Over 100+ Integrations

Your Google Cloud Platform datasets can be collected more efficiently with our container source integrations. With our dedicated integrations for Google Cloud Operations, Google Cloud Load Balancing, Google Cloud Storage, and Google Compute Engine, you can send any volume of data in real-time.

Furthermore, we also provide Kubernetes, Red Hat and Docker support across operating systems including Linux, Windows, and Mac.

GCP log analysis dashboard
ISO27001 Certified

Security and Compliance

By bringing all your log data into one centralised logging platform, you can ensure you are GDPR, ISO, and HIPPA-compliant.

Data sets generated by network, servers, containerisation, on-premise infrastructure, or any other data source can be linked together to create a comprehensive overview of application security.

Logit.io lets you monitor and track risks from the same platform as your logs and metrics

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Transparent Pricing, No Data Egress Fees & Zero Vendor Lock-In

Unlike other cloud-native platforms, Logit.io's pricing plans are straightforward, resourced appropriately, with no hidden usage-based pricing. Users of other cloud-native solutions often have a difficult time working out how much a platform going to charge them on a recurring basis. In addition, the pricing tables of these services can also be complex, making the task of comparing the different service providers' offerings challenging.

Moreover, we don't charge egress fees for sending data outside of the platform. As a result, you'll be able to export data freely without incurring unexpected fees unlike many other platforms that lock your data into their service.

transparency & freedom

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