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We’ll transform your observability, highlight infrastructure headaches, and allow you to troubleshoot scalability nightmares with ease at Our platform provides you with completely managed & quick to launch Grafana® & ELK Stack hosting suitable for every size of business, no matter how fast you are growing!

Find out more below to understand why hundreds of FTSE 100, Fortune 500 and other fast-growing organisations around the world trust us to create real-time business impact on their operational costs every day.

From our Manchester headquarters in the UK we are incredibly proud to have product that is such a core foundation of so many of the world’s leading businesses. From public sector and governmental organisations through to media, transport and cutting edge technology companies.

unified monitoringunified monitoring

Unified Monitoring for Cloud, Enterprise & Essential IT Infrastructures

Collect and centralise business process data into a single unified platform, allowing you to act faster and accelerate innovation.

Use powerful visualisations and real-time dashboards to give increased visibility of end-to-end business processes, democratising your data and making it more accessible.

Track Key Performance Metrics & Measure Your Organisation’s Success With Ease

Unlock the insights hidden in your log data to extract Key Performance Indicators affecting your business (such as latency and lag).

Use the powerful and flexible search language built on the popular open-source Elasticsearch engine to search, identify patterns and business-critical issues in your data fast.

Kibana Overview
Scalable InfrastrutureScalable Infrastruture

Scalable Infrastructure & Easy Version Upgrades scales with your organisation’s growing needs & complexity to capture the datasets you need and search petabyte-scale data at incredible speeds.

Our transparent pricing plans and overage protection mean you can shave a huge percentage off your current operational costs and increase your team’s efficiency by allowing them to deploy faster than ever before.

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Automate Compliance understands & implements the highest security standards and compliance required by CTOs & DevOps leaders, which is why our platform is designed to conform with leading industry standards. is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified & is also compliant with SOC2, HIPAA & GDPR as well as being a PCI compliant service provider. is also the only observability platform that operates in compliance with Cyber Essentials, an essential cybersecurity accreditation for UK based businesses.

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed compliance standard offered by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) that enables companies to demonstrate that they have protected themselves against the most common causes of cyber-attacks.

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Successful Modernisation

We provide you with a high level view of the health and performance of applications and services across your organisation. This allows you and your teams to rationalise applications and migrate with confidence to multi-cloud and hybrid cloud faster. The platform is built to offer full support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), AWS and Azure logging, as well as on-premise cloud management and observability.

Isolated ELK Stacks is a log management solutionthat provides complete Elastic Stack scalability across your infrastructure. This allows you to rapidly provision as many production-ready ELK Stacks as needed.

Each of your Stacks are isolated and can be individually managed across predefined teams and roles, with the addition of custom roles available upon request. Each ELK Stack has its own dedicated resources, featuring highly available Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats.

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Isolated ELK
Preconfigured IntegrationsPreconfigured Integrations

Preconfigured Integrations

Using our in-depth library of pre-configured data source integrations makes it easy to automate the collection of your infrastructure metrics from various sources & applications across your organisation.

Ship unlimited volumes of metrics & log data in real-time, using existing open-source lightweight shipping tools including Metricbeat, Auditbeat, Filebeat and more.

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Build Reliable Data Processing Pipelines

Automatically collect, transform, and filter your data with’s hosted Logstash processing pipeline.

Process metrics from the most popular technologies instantly with pre-built templates, modules, or custom pipelines.

Data Processing Filters

Customisable Dashboards and Visualisations With Integrated Kibana

Use the fast and powerful Elasticsearch engine to inspect and correlate your metrics in real-time.

Utilise Kibana as a Service to create detailed visualisations and dashboards (with pre-configured and custom options available), giving you complete visibility across your data and analytics, providing you and your teams with easily actionable insights and valuable reporting metrics at a glance.

Want to get started with Kibana but need some extra guidance? Then why not see if you are eligible for a Kibana demo?

Alerting tool logos

Real-time Alerting and Notifications

You can configure flexible and powerful alerting directly from a unified dashboard using your existing Elasticsearch queries. Eliminate false-positives, reduce alert fatigue and only receive alerts for the issues that matter. Our alerts can integrate with your existing ticketing and collaboration tools, including ServiceNow, VictorOps, Opsgenie, Pagerduty, Slack, Jira and more.

Using a collaboration tool not included in our list? No problem, our team of experts are always working on new solutions & integrations to help get you started, just send us a suggestion & we’ll be happy to chat further.

Expert Support and Help Centre has developed an extensive range of support tools built & maintained by our engineers, showcasing their valuable insights gained from years of running large scale enterprise logging infrastructure.

We provide support via email & our highly responsive live chat allowing you to get in contact with us quickly for urgent inquiries as well as providing you with our self-service knowledge base for everyday queries and support documentation.

Expert Support

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