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Application Performance Monitoring

Use the platform to diagnose, optimise and monitor the performance of your applications and improve your observability. Our APM solution allows you to understand application performance in real-time so that you can easily resolve and pinpoint the root cause of errors.

Benefit from the best features of open-source technology for application performance monitoring with access to the leading open source tools for application monitoring.

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Hosted ELK
SIEM As A Service

SIEM As A Service’s SIEM as a Service platform allows security practitioners to consolidate pre-existing log and metrics data into an intutitive dashboard to provide organisations with the security and analysis their business’s needs to ensure compliance, alert on threats and identify problematic event logs quickly.

By reviewing logs you can often quickly identify the events leading up to a cyber security incident by simply analysing system security and application events.

Unlike many other solution providers,’s SIEM solution requires no training to get you and the rest of your team started with using our platform for monitoring and alerting.

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