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Log Analysis

Log data is constantly being generated by software, web servers, programming languages and services your business uses on a daily basis. Effective log analysis and management is used to consolidate thousands of petabytes of this vital performance data for DevOps professions, system administrators and C-level decision-makers to drive change across cutting edge data-driven companies.

At, we understand that being able to identify critical log events fast is essential to helping your engineers be the best that they can be. By using the Log analytics tool, you can correlate key events for error resolution, alerting and system log monitoring.

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Log Analysis
Business Analytics

Business Analytics

As modern organisations increasingly digitise their business operations, it's more important than ever to have timely data and reporting of key performance indicators that help to drive business decision making. delivers a powerful and flexible business analytics solution that enables you to unlock your data and identify patterns and trends, in turn providing a competitive advantage on your business operations.

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Security Analysis

Enable your teams to alert upon a wide range of conditions to assist in identifying bad actors and suspected security threats. Through effective security analysis, you can take the first step to ensure that networks are monitored across cloud, application & servers.

The platform is built for managing, analysing and taking action upon the insights uncovered from your log and metric data. Effective detection and response is the first step to performing comprehensive securing of your systems.

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Security Analytics
Devops Analytics

Devops Analytics

Identify issues before they impact your users, reducing application downtime and ensuring continuous service availability. Your DevOps team can deliver value faster and with higher confidence with complete visibility throughout the application delivery lifecycle.

Empower your Development and Operations (DevOps) teams by giving them real-time insights and alerts. Maximise productivity by utilising the platform with powerful and fast searching and customisable dashboards.

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Event Log Analyser

Event log analysis can be used to identify numerous security incidents from being able to audit user access and isolate attacks affecting your web servers through to monitoring malicious traffic and isolating monitor rule changes on your Firewall.

By using our event log analyser for reporting, alerting, monitoring and data visualisation, you'll gain a centralised view of the health and security of your applications and services in a single affordable and scalable platform.

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Event Log Analyser

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