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The platform delivers users with a fully customised logging, metrics and tracing solution built on open-source software which is scalable, secure and compliant.

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When your applications, servers and services are creating large volumes of logs it is important to centralise, visualise and monitor this data so you can gain valuable insights via a single source of truth regarding the health of your operating environment.

The platform provides many solutions for logging and is fully able to manage log aggregation, storage, analysis, search and reporting. If your current platform is not able to handle all of these tasks you could well miss out on vital opportunities affecting security, compliance and error resolution.

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When systems create too many metrics that go unmonitored it can be difficult and costly to scale open-source tools to be suitable for monitoring and managing metrics from servers, apps and network devices.

Thankfully, using a tool like can assist you by offering a complete centralised solution for metrics management.

By harnessing the best open-source solutions for metrics (namely Grafana and Prometheus) we add the necessary components to make these tools scalable and fully compliant for enterprise security use cases.

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Use the platform to diagnose, optimise and monitor the performance of your applications and improve your observability.

Our APM and SIEM as a Service solutions allows you to understand application performance in real-time so that you can easily resolve and pinpoint the root cause of errors.

Gain the ability to better understand your apps whilst also being able to launch log management, infrastructure monitoring and compliance and auditing dashboards from a single centralised platform by using as a complete observability platform.

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Features features the best in open-source technology made scalable, compliant and fully ready for any enterprise use case. From harnessing Prometheus and Kibana or Grafana and OpenSearch, if there is an open-source observability tool that you wish to use you can expect that offer a fully hosted version of the tool of your choice.

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