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View our comprehensive list of data solutions & discover how our platform can help you secure and streamline your operations across development, security, analytics and public sector operations.

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ELK as a Service

Our platform provides IT professionals, InfoSec practitioners & Operations leaders with a fast, affordable & easily maintained alternative to building ELK in-house.

Reduce the complexity associated with the ELK Stack’s distributed architecture & centralise data stored across on-premise & cloud environments in a single platform that includes expert support and overage protection as standard.

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ELK as a Service
Log Analytics

Log Analytics

As log data is continuously being generated by software, web servers & services, effective log analysis is vital to ensure the health and performance of your operations.

We know that finding the logs that matter across applications that generate millions of lines of event messages can be highly expensive to scale against a growing system infrastructure, so our log analysis tool provides streamlining of this process.

This saves your professionals from wasting time sifting through endless data across distributed systems & lets them get back to deploying code, identifying trends & scaling your business for growth.

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Log Viewer

Whether you're a software engineer or systems administrator, you'll likely rely on log data for root cause analysis if your applications, servers or production environments aren't working as expected.

Using the Kibana log viewer, you can directly analyze log content fast to find problematic error messages for troubleshooting & root cause analysis.

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Log Viewer
Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Monitoring

Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Monitoring

Make the move to hybrid cloud and multi-cloud architectures with confidence by using Simplify compliance and enable your team to securely monitor public, private and hybrid cloud stacks.

Gain a comprehensive view of application and infrastructure performance by correlating performance metrics, errors and failures in one centralised location.

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Container Monitoring

Microservices and containers have become a major part of IT infrastructure and ensuring they are reliable is essential. Our platform provides complete observability across containers to enable your engineers to identify trends and diagnose issues faster.

Gain a comprehensive view of an entire microservice infrastructure by correlating performance metrics, container logs, and network data all within a single platform.

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Container Monitoring
Enterprise Log Management

Enterprise Log Management’s enterprise-ready log management platform makes ineffective log analysis across distributed systems & build your own ELK Stacks a thing of the past by providing businesses with the ability to lower their total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 80%.

Our fast onboarding & easy setup process for the Elastic Stack directly correlates with improved time to value (TTV) & accelerated mean time to resolution (MTTR).’s Enterprise logging customers benefit from affordable SLA’s up to 99.999% availability.

This allows our account managers & engineers to provide you with additional guidance where our core focus is in assisting you to get the most out of the platform & helping you to achieve measurable success.

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Logging as a Service

By using our Logging as a Service (LaaS) platform you can unlock your teams and enable them to react to high error alerts and monitor and audit application response times.

Our intuitive dashboards & data visualisations improve cross-team collaboration & company-wide visibility so your teams can correlate and analyse your entire application stack.

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Logging as a Service
Live Tail

Live Tail

Our live tailing feature allows you to analyse logs and metrics as they are written to the log file in real-time, this eliminates the need to tail logs across distributed servers & devices with our accessible and centralised user interface.

Live tailing by using Hosted Logtrail enables you to easily search, filter, colour code & define the log events that matter to your organisation as live data streams from your system infrastructure, services and networks.

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Metrics as a Service

Correlate your metrics and logs to gain deeper insights, detect faults, and reduce downtime.

Reduce outages and improve performance across your infrastructure by centralising metrics from a wide range of sources.

Whether your team needs to react to a high disk alert, or need to monitor and audit response times, this can all be done via a single source of truth by using our dashboards.

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Metrics as a Service
Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure Monitoring

Gain complete visibility of your infrastructure using our managed ELK to reduce your Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR).

Our single platform view enables you to monitor numerous sources across your entire infrastructure in just a few steps.

Alert on hotspots and spikes from a wide range of sources across your organisation using our integrations for Opsgenie, Slack, Pagerduty & Webhooks.

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DevOps Analytics

Identify issues before they impact your users by ensuring continuous service availability with the analytics platform.

Give your teams the tools they need to deliver value faster with complete visibility throughout the application delivery lifecycle.

Correlate and analyse your entire application stack from one single platform, with complete support for AWS, Azure and GCP environments.

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DevOps Analytics

Security Monitoring & Analysis

Correlate your logs and metrics to gain deeper insights, detect faults and reduce downtime with our unified SIEM as a service tool .

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Business Analytics

As businesses increasingly digitise their operations & processes, it’s more important than ever to have timely data processing and intelligent reporting of the KPIs that help to drive business decision making.

Our platform provides a powerful and flexible business analytics solution that enables you to unlock your data and identify patterns fast in order to provide a competitive advantage towards your business operations.

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Business Analytics
Logging For The Public Sector

Logging For The Public Sector

For Public Sector leaders who power modern government, our platform delivers a complete logging, data analysis and metrics solution to help IT leaders make decisions and take actions based on real-time, data-driven insights. is utilised across HM Government, cabinet-level departments and the Civil Aviation Authority. is also ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified and audited by a UKAS certified auditor.

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Compliance & Auditing

Our platform provides a solution that enables organisations to effectively and more efficiently achieve and meet their compliance and auditing requirements.

Simplify compliance and audit cycles, search, analyse and report on your compliance and audit datasets to demonstrate continuous compliance.

Build flexible dashboards and automate reporting to enable compliance with ISO, PCI, HIPAA, SOC2 and GDPR.

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Compliance & Auditing
Kibana as a service platform

Kibana As A Service

The Kibana as a Service platform eliminates the need for your engineers to build & maintain a self hosted Elastic Stack.

The platform allows you to get started using Kibana within minutes of registering.

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Event Log Analyser

Event log analysis can be used to identify numerous security incidents from being able to audit user access and isolate attacks affecting your web servers through to monitoring malicious traffic and isolating monitor rule changes on your Firewall.

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event log analysis

Logging Made Easy

As the risk of a business encountering a cyber security breach grows each year it is becoming increasingly essential to incorporate logging for security analysis.

By reviewing logs you can often quickly identify the events leading up to a cyber security incident by simply analysing system security and application events.

Logging made easy from helps you to get started with highly affordable and scalable ELK for the purposes of security analysis, compliance and root cause analysis.

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log aggregation

Security Analytics’s security analytics capabilities allow users to proactively resolve incidents and cross communicate with teams thanks to our integrations including Jira, Pagerduty & ServiceNow.

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Apache Log Viewer

Increase your Server Manager’s & Security team’s ability to manage Apache logs and metrics to meet security, compliance and data analysis goals with and say goodbye to having to resort to manually searching through thousands of logs.

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apache log viewer
Kibana Demo

Kibana Demo

You may already be familiar with both the data visualisation capabilities of Kibana but don’t know where to get started when it comes to transforming your data. can solve this by giving you a guided tour on how to make the most out of Kibana as part of the platform.

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Centralised Logging

Keeping track of logs across distributed infrastructure whilst creating a scalable setup for their management is a challenge that many businesses spend a fortune on hosting and configuring when a logging as a service (LaaS) platform is not used.

As part of our centralised logging service, our platform fully supports monitoring and allows you to alert upon a wide range of triggers so you can be aware of suspicious activity occurring against your web servers, errors in your production environment.

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Centralised Logging
application logging

Application Logging’s advanced application logging platform allows you to keep track of application data streaming from multiple data sources all in one place. With support for numerous programming languages, third-party tools, data formats, and platforms, you can monitor & analyse large volumes of data with ease.

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Syslog Viewer

Syslog Viewer

Managing Syslog logs is a challenge many businesses face regardless of size or technical infrastructure. .

The Syslog viewer makes analyzing Syslog data less complicated by allowing you to aggregate logs from various data sources into a single, centralized location.

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Log Monitoring

Log Monitoring

In order to make the most of your log files, you need a log file monitoring system that can filter out the white noise of routine event log entries and single out data points with the potential for further exploration.

At, we understand the immense value of accurate and effective log monitoring to your engineers and cybersecurity experts alike.

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Azure Logging

Azure Logging

The Azure log management solution allows you to log and analyze all of the log data streaming from your Azure cloud platform.

With our specialized Azure logging solution, you can bypass the limited capabilities of traditional monitoring tools and get valuable, real-time centralised insights from your log files.

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