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Hosted ELK

We understand that while the open-source Elastic Stack stack software is initially free to use and home to many brilliant capabilities, when it comes to having to configure, upgrade & maintain ELK in-house it can be extremely hard to scale operations affordably. provides a complete solution to these common issues often encountered when using ELK for log analysis.

Many organizations are turning to managed services such as when they find that the costs associated with hosting, customising, and maintaining ELK spiral quickly & prove to be a strain on internal staff.

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Hosted ELK
Hosted Logstash

Hosted Logstash

Use managed Logstash to allow your teams to benefit from having a complete log management platform built for sending, parsing and enriching data at scale and enable your engineers to spend more time where it matters, deploying code and conducting analysis.

The Logstash filter editor can be used to quickly transform and enrich your data across preconfigured inputs to turn them into semantic data viewModels. Our Logstash filter editor also fully supports a huge range of custom inputs and outputs.

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Hosted Elasticsearch

As part of our ELK based log management platform we also provide Hosted Elasticsearch. Hosted Elasticsearch enables teams to unlock the full capacity of this powerful search engine while also allowing full access to its complementary tools, Kibana and Logstash.

Our hosted Elasticsearch users enjoy faster cloud infrastructure thanks to a disaggregated NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) storage built for scalability at the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

For real-time big data analysis, NVMe has been shown to provide improved capabilities and is forecasted to become essential to analysts that require near instant visibility of mission-critical operations.

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Hosted Elasticsearch
Hosted Kibana

Hosted Kibana

Without a data visualisation tool like the solution offered by our built-in hosted Kibana integration, then you could quite easily find that reporting on key metrics and gaining a bird's eye view on the health of your operations to be highly ineffective to manage in line with business growth.

Kibana is well suited to numerous use cases and is the preferred tool of choice by SysAdmins and DevOps Engineers globally. It can also easily be used as a replacement for Google Analytics for tracking of on page events and insights key for understanding business analytics and sales metrics.

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Hosted Prometheus's Managed Prometheus service allows you to remotely store time-series metrics for long term storage and governance. The platform also provides a complete in place alternative for locally hosted Prometheus, Thanos and any preexisting federation.

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Hosted Prometheus
Live Tail

Live Tail Hosted Logtrail

As the leading managed ELK platform, is also home to many of the essential plugins for using the Elastic Stack, including hosted Logtrail for Kibana log viewing. Our managed ELK platform with a built-in Logtrail integration enables you to easily search, filter and define the log events that matter to your organisation as data live streams from your system infrastructure.

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Audit Log

The system and cloud monitoring platform is fully integrated with an internal audit log on both your account and ELK, (Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana) Stack level that can be accessed by all users and exported as a CSV or JSON file to be stored on an external system for long term retention free of charge.

By using audit log data to ensure compliant operations you can spot potential bad actors and high alert activities to assist in preventing data breaches before they occur.

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Audit Log
Hosted Grafana

Hosted Grafana

Experience the best of Grafana without the need to configure and maintain software, manually scale in production or have to provision your own servers by using managed Grafana from Our Managed Grafana platform also integrates with all of the key cloud platforms including AWS, GCP and Azure.

Get started within minutes using our platform and see how the power of managed Grafana, Kibana and Open Search can rapidly improve your reporting, monitoring and overall observability without risking vendor lock-in, data egress fees or not complying with ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA or PCI.

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