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Your New Cost-effective Alternative To Splunk Is

Look no further, has you covered. Our platform ensures significant cost savings and superior observability. We also offer hosting for Prometheus, Grafana, OpenSearch, and effortless integration with OpenTelemetry.

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Trusted By Thousands combines log management, metrics, and traces in a single platform. You won't need to purchase additional tools or services to cover these aspects, saving you both time and money. With you pay only for what you use, without hidden fees or unexpected surcharges.'s pricing is refreshingly straightforward, allowing you to allocate your budget more efficiently.


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Complete Scalability For Metrics, Logs & Traces

Experience full-stack observability with's comprehensive set of features, including log analysis, application performance monitoring (APM), and security analytics. stands out through our offering of dynamic scalability, tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses, whether their are starting out or who are already at an enterprise-level, while optimizing cost-efficiency.

Facilitate a streamlined data migration process and mitigating potential challenges and operational overhead when moving from Splunk to, simply reach out with any concerns and our team will be more than happy to help you during onboarding.

How to use us as a Splunk AlternativeHow to use us as a Splunk Alternative

Companies Feel The Difference When They Use

"Internally, has made it easier for us to provide better support for our customers, since finding individual messages based on various data in the payload has become easier.

At Youredi, pretty much everyone from our technical support teams through to our professional services teams uses"

Mats von Weissenberg, CTO @ Youredi

Youredi testimonial

"One thing is certain when operating in the startup space, a strict budget. Before we make any purchase decision to use a SaaS Log Management platform, we need to validate the benefits of the platform and more importantly the team behind the platform.'s customer support team stood out. Right from the beginning, the team was there to answer questions and walk us through the process."

Ioannis Sintos, Co-Founder & CIO - Uizard

Uizard testimonial offers our company an excellent solution of ingesting our logs, we recently had to do quite a few updates on the platform since the previous service owner in our company left and didn't want to do them, was of great assistance throughout the whole process.

Thierry Gysin, Co-Founder & CIO - Ringier

Ringier testimonial

report and configure alerts

Easy To Use Reporting Dashboards & Integrated Alerts offers a wide variety of dashboard templates for use cases, including infrastructure monitoring and application performance monitoring. These templates, utilizing Grafana, Prometheus, and OpenSearch technologies, simplify the dashboard creation process, saving you time and effort. also offers extensive alerting features, allowing users to configure notifications based on the data displayed in your dashboards. Alerting enables users to respond quickly to anomalies and issues, resulting in reduced system downtime and enhanced system reliability.

Why Are Users Switching To

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    Affordability Without Compromise:

    Keeping functionality and compliance intact while offering affordable SIEM solutions.

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    Cloud-Native Security on a Budget:

    Seamlessly enhancing the security of your cloud ecosystem without the hefty price tag, personalized for organizations pursuing budget-friendly cloud SIEM.

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    Compliance-Driven Security Simplified:

    Guaranteeing regulatory compliance in different data storage locations with our SIEM solution, designed to simplify compliance.

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    Smart Alerts, Swift Response:

    Facilitating your team with user-friendly alert customization and notifications for prompt incident response and threat mitigation.

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    Web and App Metrics Made Affordable:

    Delivering an economical solution for web and app metrics, rivaling costly APM alternatives while upholding performance monitoring standards.

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    Security Operations Readiness:

    Strengthening your security posture with expert support and streamlined administration, our services provide professional assistance and effective management, ensuring worry-free security.

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    Flexible Deployment, Unparalleled Results:

    Decide how you want to deploy, whether in the cloud, or hybrid, and have the flexibility to meet your organization's individual security needs.

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    Proven Support, Trusted Reputation:

    Supported by superb customer support and an esteemed industry reputation, ensuring a seamless journey from implementation to continuous maintenance.

Used By Over 1000+ Engineers And It Leaders

Manage Your Data, No Matter The Source works alongside all of your favourite cloud services, programming languages and operating systems to ingest your data seamlessly into our platform.

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