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Logit.io allows you to categorise, identify, and normalise log data for easy analysis and reporting. With powerful alerting capabilities, your team can be notified of the most critical access attempts in real-time.

Regulatory Guide (RG) 5.71 was developed by the NRC to address many areas related to access control, audit and accountability, incident response, and system integrity.

The Logit.io platform directly meets many requirements for the collection, management and analysis of log data that are integral to NRC 5.71 guidelines. Logit.io can be used to demonstrate compliance with the NRC RG 5.71 criteria for the following ID numbers B.1.2, B.1.3, B.1.5, B.1.6, B.1.7, B.1.11, B.1.15, B.1.17, B.1.22 B.2.4, B.2.6 and B.2.9.

Start meeting your auditing criteria for the NRC with Logit.io today by starting a 14-day free trial or by booking a call with one of our compliance specialists to learn more about how we can help.


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What Is The NRC?

By creating the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in 1974, Congress sought to protect people and the environment while ensuring that radioactive materials were safely used for civilian purposes. Through licensing, inspection and enforcement of its requirements, the NRC regulates commercial nuclear power plants and other uses of nuclear materials, including nuclear medicine.

Companies Feel The Difference When They Use Logit.io

"Internally, Logit.io has made it easier for us to provide better support for our customers, since finding individual messages based on various data in the payload has become easier.

At Youredi, pretty much everyone from our technical support teams through to our professional services teams uses Logit.io."

Mats von Weissenberg, CTO @ Youredi

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Who Needs To Meet NRC Compliance?

Inspecting nuclear power plants, hospitals, fuel cycle facilities, and radioactive materials activities and operations is part of the NRC‘s mission. The NRC Inspection Manual contains objectives and procedures inspectors should follow for each type of inspection. The NRC notify a licensee if they find any problems that need to be addressed following an inspection.

Aside from regional inspectors, the NRC also employs ‘resident inspectors‘ in every power plant and fuel cycle facility to carry out day-to-day inspections. Commercial nuclear power plants are inspected by the NRC as part of a comprehensive program. Approximately 1,000 inspections of nuclear material licensees are conducted by the NRC every year. Nuclear material security, radiation protection programs, and dose records for radiation patients are among some of the areas in which these inspections take place.

Logit.io NRC Solution

In order to meet many NRC RG 5.71 guidelines, log data must be collected, managed, and analysed. With Logit.io, you‘ll be able to meet some recommendations and lower the cost of fulfilling others. When it is possible for many thousands of individual log entries to be generated daily, organising all of this information can be a challenging task. Log data analytics and reporting often makes manual processes unsuitable to ensure compliance across many organisations.

With Logit.io, you can collect, archive, and recover logs across your entire IT infrastructure and automate your entire log analysis process. According to NRC RG 5.71, and its recommendations, log data should be captured, monitored, reviewed, and retained in an effective manner.

Logit.io NRC Solution Logit.io NRC Solution
centralise data

Centralised Storage For Compliance Success

Records should be kept in one place so that the inspector can easily review your radiation safety program and ensure that you have kept proper records. With Logit.io, you can have a single pane of glass of all of your records, audit logs, metrics, and traces. In this way, you can demonstrate compliance and enforce tight security controls across departments that have access to sensitive data.

Your goal should be to make the inspection process as smooth as possible for the inspector. If you make it easier for the inspector to use your records as efficiently as possible, the inspector will be able to move quicker throughout the auditing process.

Cold Storage With S3 For NRC Retention

Records such as sealed source inventories and leak tests must be kept for three years in compliance with NRC audit requirements. In addition to these, area surveys, radioactive disposal records, and dose calibrator tests are also required to be retained for three years.

For enterprise users who need to store sensitive data in a centralised location, Logit.io offers Amazon S3 cold storage as an option. Data can be easily retrieved from here in the event of an audit to demonstrate compliance to the NRC auditor.

Additional examples of records that need to be retained for three years:

  • Written directives
  • Patient release data
  • Moly99 breakthrough tests
  • Radiation safety training records
  • Instrument calibration certificates
  • Patient dose administration records
  • cold storage

    Useful Platform Reports:

    • Audit Failures by User

      Audit Failures by User & Host

    • Suspicious Activity by User

      Suspicious Activity by User

    • Suspicious Activity by Host

      Suspicious Activity by Host

    • Account Creation Activity

      Account Creation and Modification Activity

    • Disabled Accounts Summary

      Disabled and Removed Accounts Summary

    • Failed Login Attempts by User

      Failed Login Attempts by User

    • Successful/Failed File Access by User

      Successful/Failed File Access by User

    • Successful/Failed Application Access by User

      Successful/Failed Application Access by User


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    Want to request a demo or need to speak to a specialist before you get started? No problem, select a time that suits you in our calendar and a member of our team will be in touch.

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