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For the next instalment in our series of interviews asking leading technology specialists about their achievements in their field, we’ve welcomed Wayne Chung, CEO and Co-Founder of GOFA International.

Wayne is also the Founder of The Coop Idea and Frogswell, two consumer tech companies that in just their first decade, have amassed over 100USD million in sales. Coming from humble beginnings, his hands-on approach to fostering and growing strategic partnerships, launching products, and building sustainable paths to business growth has been fuelled by his entrepreneurial spirit.

Tell us about your business, what are your visions & goals?

As a fit-tech company, GOFA International is driven by the mission to impact people’s lives positively through innovative Ai motion technology. Our vision is to transform lifestyles every day. Our goal is to make life easier and more enjoyable for everyone through innovation and cutting-edge technology. Whether it’s helping someone stay healthy and fit, learn a new skill or just have some fun, our technology has the potential to improve the quality of life for millions of people around the world.

Can you share a little bit about yourself and how you got into the field of artificial intelligence?

I have been involved with the tech industry for as long as I remember. The first company I started produces mobile accessories. I went on to work on other projects involving IoT, AI, and both! Over the years, technology has become increasingly accessible and applicable to our daily lives. It is best aligned with the goal of GOFA International to make fitness, wellness, and education within the reach of the masses.

What do your day-to-day responsibilities look like at your organisation?

As the CEO of GOFA International, my day-to-day job is to define our direction and inspire the team to achieve our objectives. I work closely alongside customers in order to improve products.

Can you share some of the proudest achievements you've experienced in your career?

My proudest moments were when after failing many times, each time I got back up. My family has been there for me unconditionally, throughout the journey, even at times when they didn't know what was going on! Also, we have an amazing team which really makes me feel motivated to fight toward victory over adversity. The pride and joy of building amazing products that could impact millions of people are unmatchable.

In which industries and processes do you see the greatest opportunities for the application of artificial intelligence?

Ai is transforming lives in many ways and is definitely here to stay! Health, wellness and education sectors offer the greatest opportunities for the application of artificial intelligence. AI can solve many of the prevailing wicked problems of the world by making various applications accessible to everyone. Each of the industry sectors I mentioned has a market size of over 100 billion dollars.

What are the most significant changes you expect to see in business as a result of AI?

AI can help businesses provide a more personal experience to their customers. The technology is efficient in analyzing vast data and quickly identifying patterns from information, which means that business owners are able to offer bespoke services or products to each client, based on what they need at any given time.

When you google the term AI, the general definition is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. It serves as a human brain. By processing training data, the AI model gradually learns, predicts, and makes better decisions. As a result, I developed two AI-powered apps, GOFA Fitness and Luca & Friends. Though they serve different target audiences, they have something in common: they enrich the quality of life.

For GOFA Fitness, AI-driven technology changes the way people exercise. Gym rooms have traditionally been the choice of people who want to keep their bodies in shape. Nowadays, post-pandemic, people have begun to exercise at home. Once users input their personal information, the GOFA Fitness AI model is able to customize a fitness plan; review how accurate their position and provide real-time feedback for improvement.

For Luca & Friends, the key is motion tracking. The software tracks the screen and uses machine learning to detect the slightest movements that a user makes in front of a camera. The app being hands-free, requires children to move around to answer a range of questions and follow simple directional instructions. The motive is to encourage kids to get up and move in a meaningful way. Luca is the first app to combine fitness and learning and is quite impactful to the industry, as it involves an immersive way of learning.

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