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As early adopters of the latest data visualisation tools increasingly turn to OpenSearch Dashboards to fulfill these needs many more users are unaware of just how they can get started with this recently released visualisation solution.

If you want to get started with using OpenSearch Dashboards but don't know where to begin with configuration, setup and hosting then is here to help you create production ready OpenSearch Stacks within minutes.

aws opensearch dashboardsaws opensearch dashboards

What are OpenSearch Dashboards?

OpenSearch Dashboards is an AWS backed distribution based on a fork of Kibana 7.10.2 which improves on out of the box Kibana by adding security controls necessary for organisations to operate in compliance with many leading data compliance regulations (including NIST, CMMC and SOC 2).

OpenSearch dashboards provide an intuitive browser-based UI as well as numerous visualisations and reporting features. Similarly to comparable tools, such as Kibana it also offers built-in charts and table representations to allow you to visualise your data as you see fit.

Granular Security Permissions

The platform allows for field, document and index level permissions to be controlled within OpenSearch dashboards for tightly controlled security best practises to be followed (this is often a requirement outlined across the guidelines of many regulatory bodies).

Index level permissions can be used to allow actions which would affect indices matching the configured index patterns, such as setting read or write permissions to various Stacks.

Document level permissions, when set in OpenSearch Dashboards, restrict users from being able to view documents that they are unauthorised to view, edit or share. This type of access control is necessary for making sure that sensitive data isn't readily viewable by all users within a company or organisation. Field level permissions can also be configured and are helpful in their ability to restrict users from being able to access designated fields within a document or dashboard.

roles and permissions
 roles and permissions
hosted OpenSearch Dashboards? hosted OpenSearch Dashboards?

Why use hosted OpenSearch Dashboards?

A hosted solution for data visualisation, such as the one provided by allows you to rapidly deploy reporting dashboards, configure alerts and embrace all of the best features of OpenSearch throughout your organisation.

Interact with your imported data directly by using dashboard query language (or DQL for short) to pinpoint relevant logs and metrics faster. Transform your raw data into visual insights and combine charts and tables into intuitive and dynamically updating dashboards with hosted Opensearch Dashboards from

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Notebooks & Reports

OpenSearch Reports offer a way of sharing data with someone who is external to the OpenSearch platform. Reports can be exported to PDF, PNG and CSV on-demand or by scheduling.

As part of our OpenSearch solution, we also offer the new feature of dashboard notebooks. Notebooks allow the user to produce a narrative by combining visualisations and paragraphs written in Markdown, SQL and Piped Processing Language (PPL) queries.

An example use case that would be ideal for notebooks would be for root cause analysis to explain why an error occurred in your system to a senior member of staff who doesn't wish to go through a dashboard themselves and wishes to quickly view the incident details.

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