With Logit.io, get notified about critical production errors in your logs or receive alerts when server metrics exceed expected thresholds. Receive alerts with our built-in integrations, choose from many notification options, including Webhooks, PagerDuty, Opsgenie, Slack and Email.

Proactive security analysis and alerting is critical to an organisation, getting notified when someone is trying to gain unauthorised access to your systems, requires immediate attention by your team. Not only does this protect your organisation and ensure you stay compliant, but it helps everyone to sleep easy at night.

Alerting and Notification from Elasticsearch to Elastic, Pagerduty, Slack, Email

Powerful Alerting and Notification Integrations

You can configure flexible and powerful alerting directly from your Logit.io dashboard using your existing Elasticsearch queries. Notifications are delivered to your team to compliment your existing workflow.

Receive webhooks into your application to automatically restart a service or raise a PagerDuty alert to notify your team.

How to Alert?

Below are some examples of how powerful Logit.io’s alerting and notification engine is

  • Alert on any match

    Alert on any match

    Any Rule - Will match anything; every log that the query returns will generate an alert.

  • New term Alert on any match

    Alert when something is new

    New Term Rule - Alert when a new value that has never been seen before appears in a log field.

  • Blastlist alert

    Alert based on a blacklist

    Blacklist Rule - Check against your blacklist to ensure a certain field doesn’t contain matching values.

  • Unique alert

    Alert based on unique values

    Cardinality Rule - Alert when the total number of metric values in a field, within a timeframe, is higher or lower than a specified threshold.

  • Whitelist alert

    Alert based on a whitelist

    Whitelist Rule - Check against your whitelist to ensure a certain field always contains matching values.

  • Unique alert

    Metric Aggregation

    Metric Aggregation Rule - Alert when the value of a metric is higher or lower than a threshold, in a given timeframe.

  • Change alert

    Alert when a field value changes

    Change Rule - Monitor a specific field and alert if it changes.

  • Percentage Match alert

    Alert when a percentage changes

    Percentage Match Rule - Alerting when a percentage of metrics or logs are higher or lower than a threshold.

  • Frequency alert

    Alert when the frequency of logs change

    Frequency Rule - Alert when a certain number of log events occur in a given time frame.

  • Spike alert

    Alert when there is a spike in events

    Spike Rule - Alert when the volume of log events spikes higher or lower in a given time frame.

  • Flatline alert

    Alert when log events flatline

    Flatline Rule - Alert when a number of metrics or logs are under a given threshold in a specific timeframe.

Version Controlled Alerts

Rest assured that all your alert configuration is version controlled. For those occasions where you need to restore configurations, you have the ability to rollback to any point in time and restore previous configurations.

Alert backupsAlert Backups
Version Controlled Alerts configuration

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