Logit.io understands the importance of securely authenticating users who access your logs and metrics. Our platform offers a range of options, which allow you to seamlessly integrate with your existing authentication workflow, enabling your teams to effortlessly sign-in and realise value sooner.

Overusage protection

The Logit.io platform ensures protection from overusage on your stacks, with no hidden, or unexpected monthly fees and clear visibility on your dashboard including stack volume and usage charts. On occasions where you send more data than expected, additional data is never deleted, you just resize your stack as you need.

Overusage protectionOverusage protection
ChartsStack usage and volume charts
Never deletedAdditional data is never deleted
Overusage alertingOverusage alerting

Global infrastructure

Logit.io data centres provide physically separated infrastructure with low latency, high throughput, and highly redundant networking. Logit.io can provide ELK stacks around the world, to meet your compliance and regulatory requirements. All our stacks scale up to 15TB+ per day with ease.

Global ELK infrastructure provided by Logit.io

Auto Scaling Elk Stacks

Our automatic, scalable ELK stacks allow you to be flexible with your logging and metrics, to meet your business objectives. We never delete your data even if you send more than your anticipated daily log volume, the data will always be there for when you need it.

Scalable ELK stacksScalable ELK stacks
Grows with your organisationGrows with your organisation
No data capsNo data caps
Flexible data retentionFlexible data retention

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