The platform needs to be available when you need it. We know how important monitoring logs and managing your ELK stack is, ensuring you always have access to your centralised logging and metrics. You can be assured that when you need your logs and metrics, they are always available to you in real-time. Allowing you to diagnose production issues when it matters.

Our support team are on hand to help you with your requests to get the best value out of the Platform. From onboarding to advanced filter configuration, we can help. Support has developed a range of self-service support tools gained from years of running large scale enterprise ELK infrastructure. We also understand you may need to at times speak to an ELK engineer directly to resolve more complex issues. For those occasions, we have you covered.

The platform is designed to reduce the human interaction on its infrastructure, with advanced, automated monitoring and recovery processes, stacks are designed to be highly available and self healing.

Enterprise-Grade Incident ManagementEnterprise-Grade Incident Management
Rapid Issue ResolutionRapid Issue Resolution
Self HealingSelf Healing
Help CentreHelp Centre
Live ChatLive Chat

Platform Monitoring

We understand status pages that appear to show a constant green light, though reassuring, aren't very helpful. That is why we decided to make historical platform performance available for all incidents, so you can see and understand how we manage things when the unexpected happens.

For times when the network or infrastructure performance is impacted, our team is notified immediately using industry standard incident management tools to ensure a rapid resolution. Engineers are available 24/7 for all major incidents.

Active ELK platform monitoring by

Support Tools

Our platform is integrated with a range of 3rd party tools to effectively support and manage your account to deliver a world class service. Our Help Centre is there to give you advice and answers to everyday questions. We use Intercom to provide support to you directly via our Live Chat and email support. uses industry standard incident management and external monitoring tools such as PagerDuty, and Statuscake, along with our own internal ELK infrastructure monitoring to visualise and alert on our platform.

DogfoodingWe use our own product daily
Incident ManagementProven Incident Management
Support tools using ELK used by Support

Stack Visibility

Your dashboard allows you to view and analyse the logs for your whole ELK estate, giving you insight into how it's performing and allowing you to see the impact of any changes to your configurations and pipelines.

Stack Visibility giving you access to your uptime and health

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