Logstash makes light work of transforming, parsing, and pushing data into your Elastic Stacks across a variety of use cases, although for larger businesses with complex data needs the cost of ELK can spiral and Logstash can become difficult to configure and upgrade.

The Logit.io platform provides an enterprise-grade solution for future-proofing your ELK Stacks and freeing your engineers to spend time where it matters, deploying code and having the resources to analyze data-driven insights.

What Is Hosted Logstash?

Using our hosted Logstash solution allows your teams to benefit from having a complete log management platform built for tackling complex logging problems at scale.

Configuring, maintaining and upgrading Logstash can grow exponentially into a huge time commitment and expenditure trap for teams including Sysadmins, DevOps and Developers.

All Logit.io users are able to access the full benefits of our integrations and plugin support, configuration guides and self-service support tools from day one as our free trial gives you complete access to the platform’s extensive log management features.

Logit.io is also home to hosted Elasticsearch and hosted Kibana located within a single centralised platform.

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automatic logstash parsing

Automatic & Custom Logstash Parsing

Get onboard with the Elastic Stack fast with auto parsing for faster setup and leverage log types from a variety of data sources including those generated by Apache, NGINX , IIS, MySQL and HAProxy , among many others.

Gain additional insights and deeper understanding by enriching your logs with custom parsing capabilities

As we are a managed logstash provider we cover all the integrations you’ll need across input, filter and output plugins. Our easy-to-use wizards will help you define and test your own parsing configurations.

Enhanced Logstash Filter Editing

The Logit.io Logstash filter editor transforms your data across preconfigured inputs and fully supports a huge range of custom inputs and outputs.

You’ll also benefit from our intelligent auto-complete function for fast searches against your log data.

All of your changes are protected by version control and rollbacks, meaning that any changes your team makes can safely be reverted in the event of an error.

Logstash Filter Editor
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You're in good company

Benefits Of Hosted Logstash

  • Over 100+ Integrations With New Ones Being Added Frequently
  • Easily Upgrade & Migrate To The Latest Version Of Logstash
  • High Availability Across The Entire Elastic Stack
  • Auto Scaling Kibana, Logstash & Elasticsearch
  • LaaS (Logging as a Service) platform
  • Kibana as a Service
  • Expert Engineer Led Support
  • Application Logging
  • Filter Version Control
  • Fully Compliant Platform
  • Fully Transparent Pricing
  • No Data Egress Fees
  • Server Log Analysis
  • No Vendor Lock-in
  • Log Monitoring
  • Syslog Viewer
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