Logit.io gives you the ability to run as many isolated ELK stacks as you require, side by side with support for multiple versions. You have complete control as to when to upgrade your ELK stacks to the particular version you require.

Proactive security alerting is critical to an organisation, getting notified when someone is trying to gain unauthorised access to your systems, requires immediate attention by your team. Not only does this protect your organisation and ensure you stay compliant, but it helps everyone to sleep easy at night.

What is Multi-Stack ELK?

The Logit.io platform ensures all your stacks are isolated and can be individually managed, with the flexibility of defining teams and roles per stack. Each stack has dedicated resources, sized to fit the volume and retention for your needs.

Rapidly provision as many production-ready ELK stacks as required, then use the Logit.io Source Wizard to start sending data to your new ELK stack instantly.

Teams and Roles to access your elasticsearch instance
Each ELK stack is isolated and has dedicated resources allocated to it

The Logit.io ELK Stack

  • Each Logit.io ELK stack has its own dedicated resources, featuring highly available Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana instances.
  • All Logit.io ELK stacks are customisable to meet your teams needs reducing friction and increasing the effectiveness of your logging and metrics management.
  • Running production ELK stacks on the Logit.io platform allows you to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your logging and metrics solution.

Side by Side ELK stacks

Each stack is independently versioned to allow you to choose which version of ELK you need, adjusting to the needs of your organisation and enabling you to manage upgrade paths as required.

  • Choose your ELK version
  • Isolated ELK stacks
  • Managed upgrade paths

Multi-Stack Kibana

Logit.io gives you the freedom to display multiple Kibana dashboards, for all your organisation's stacks, in a single browser session. This flexibility allows for side by side comparisons and gives complete visibility even when your dashboards are combined on larger displays in mission control setups.

Kibana dashboardsSide by side Kibana dashboards
Complete visibilityComplete visibility in one place
View multiple kibana instances in one browser with our multi stack feature

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