As modern organisations increasingly digitise their business operations, it’s more important than ever to have timely data and reporting of key performance indicators that help to drive business decision making. delivers a powerful and flexible business analytics solution that enables you to unlock your data and identify patterns and trends, in turn providing a competitive advantage on your business operations.

  • Unified Monitoring

    Unified Monitoring

    Collect and centralise business process data into a single unified platform, improving collaboration across your business analytics teams. Use powerful visualisations and dashboards to give visibility of end-to-end business processes, allowing you to leverage your data.

  • Track Performance

    Track Key Performance Metrics

    Leverage existing data to extract key performance indicators, without making changes to existing code. Use the powerful and flexible search language built on the popular open-source Elasticsearch engine to search and identify patterns and trends in your data.

  • Increase Visibility

    Increase Visibility

    Enable your business analytics teams to gain deeper insights, improve customer experiences, and diagnose root cause by collecting meaningful analytics for investigations. Accelerate the adoption of your product and decrease your time to market by monitoring customer behaviour.

  • Democratisation of Data

    Democratisation of Data

    Use powerful visualisations and dashboards to provide insightful context and visibility. seamlessly integrates with popular cloud environments including Azure, AWS, GCP and Kubernetes.

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Dashboard PreviewDashboard Preview

Isolated ELK Stacks is a cloud-native business analytics solution that scales on-demand, & allows you to create as many production-ready Elasticsearch (ELK) stacks as needed. All your stacks are isolated and can be individually managed, with the flexibility of defining teams and roles per stack. Each ELK stack has its own dedicated resources, featuring highly available Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana instances.

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Preconfigured Data Source Integrations

Data collection can be automated easily by using our preconfigured data source integrations covering all of the most common log files you’ll wish to analyse for big data reporting. Send huge volumes of data in minutes using existing open-source Elastic Beats hosting your data in one centralised logging tool .

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Logstash Filter EditorLogstash Filter Editor

Powerful Logstash Processing Pipelines

Logstash does the heavy work of Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) for business intelligence by working between Elasticsearch and Kibana to collect, transform, and enrich your dataset. This makes an ideal ETL tool. Transform metrics from multiple data sources instantly with custom and pre-existing pipeline templates supplied on all our Elastic Stacks trials as standard.

Reporting For Business Analysts

Our platform provides you with incredible new reporting capabilities for data visualisation thanks to Kibana. Kibana has a variety of successful use cases for predictive analytics and machine learning that you can now utilise to gain actionable insights across your business's operations. Our platform also provides ready to use dashboards for fast reporting once your Stack has populated. As well as pre-built visualisations, we also provide complete support for custom dashboards, giving you complete visibility across the data that matters to you. also offers scheduled reporting which allows users to generate PDF, PNG and CSV reports that can be sent on a recurring basis due to our Managed Open Distro service. Additional reporting features available include the ability to set custom headers and footers for further personalisation.


Real-time Alerting and Notifications

Configure flexible alerts directly from your dashboard using powerful Elasticsearch queries. Alerts can be set on a variety of pre-configured settings for business intelligence reporting and threat triggers, with additional free text configurations customisable to your specifications available. Notifications can be delivered to a range of popular tools your team already uses, including Slack and Jira.

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Integrate with Amazon Web Services, GCP & Azure

Reduce the Time To Value (TTV) of your business with integrations compatible with a range of popular platforms including AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Instantly send and analyse data in a single analytics platform from Kubernetes and Docker through to custom file Upload and HTTP/s using Elasticsearch and Kibana.

ISO27001 Certified

Security and Compliance

The data analysis platform operates in compliance with HIPAA, SOC2 and GDPR, we are also a PCI compliant service provider. Our promise to upholding the security of your operational data is the biggest consideration in everything we do. Our business is also ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.

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Expert Support and Help Centre has developed a range of expert-led support tools from insights gathered from the first-hand experience of running enterprise ELK infrastructure for business analysts. Our platform supports live chat, email and a regularly updated Help Centre full of all of the resources you need to analyse data at scale.

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