The centralised logging platform allows you to send all of your log and metrics data from servers, platforms, programming languages and third party tools to a single platform to give you full observability of your infrastructure.

Keeping track of numerous logs across a distributed infrastructure and creating a reliable and scalable setup for their management is a challenge that many businesses spend a small fortune on maintaining, hosting and configuring each month when a logging as a service (LaaS) platform is not used.

As part of our centralised logging service, our platform fully supports monitoring and allows you to alert upon a wide range of triggers so that you are the first to know of suspicious activity occurring against your web servers, errors in your production environment or if key metrics are reaching unprecedented levels for your service. is used by a wide variety of data and security professionals from senior software engineers, CTOs and cyber security professionals through to business analysts, Scrum product owners and infrastructure engineers due to centralised logging being required across a broad range of use cases.

what is centralised loggingwhat is centralised logging

What Is Centralised Logging?

As opposed to more traditional local logging systems, which store distributed data across all of your systems in numerous locations, centralised logging stores all of this data centrally in a single location.

This allows for much more efficient access to information, which provides significant benefits to the speed and accuracy in which your employees can uncover, resolve errors, security breaches and identify trends.

Improved Network Security’s centralised logging system works to improve network security throughout your operations. A significant benefit provided by centralised logging is the ability to track all user activity. This is essential as it allows you to monitor unusual behaviour patterns, which could indicate bad actors or a DDoS attack.

In the event that a local log has been corrupted by unauthorised activities, it can add further difficulty in identifying the root cause of the problem, and exactly when it occurred.

With our centralised logging platform, user activity can be pinpointed to the exact time the issue occurred. This provides security teams with far greater ability in identifying harmful or malicious users as well as subsequent resolution of the issue or breach.

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distributed logging costsdistributed logging costs

The Costs Of Distributed Logging

It is well known among many data and security professionals that distributed systems are not only tedious for error resolution but are also expensive as you can’t easily limit the amount of data storage required unlike when you use a service especially configured for centralising logs.

As distributed logging systems are more difficult to troubleshoot it is easier to make mistakes when trying to identify the cause of a mission critical error. In the event of downtime or a serious data breach this could lose your company millions in revenue over a period of time.

Built-In Reporting Tools

As our centralised logging platform supports Kibana, we eliminate the need to use external reporting dashboards to display metrics related to security, business analytics and developer activities.

By sending all of your log data to our hosted Kibana instance for further analysis you can unlock a wealth of insights that you may have previously overlooked or believed that only a high end intelligence platform could reveal.

Share Kibana dashboards securely with our dashboard read only role and schedule exports of reports as PDF, CSV or SVG exports with our reporting feature supported by Open Distro.

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Save Your Technicians Time

Without a centralised logging solution, when staff members encounter an error they have to resort to logging into each system separately to pinpoint the origin of the incident, this isn’t scalable for larger businesses that may have numerous data store types, databases and services running at the same time.

We know that time is imperative when it comes to tracing incidents and data breaches so a single access point for troubleshooting, compliance and incident response is essential.

By processing and visualising all of your data within, we provide a single view of health across all of your infrastructure providing you with much greater visibility and accuracy.

Benefits Of Centralised Logging

  • Syslog Viewer
  • ELK as a Service
  • Detect security breaches faster
  • Gain a bird’s eye view of your infrastructure
  • Configure alerts for monitoring of key events
  • Ensure uptime of all of your vital components
  • Backup your data for long term cold storage without data lock-in
  • Comply with GDPR & CCPA easier by handling data storage within a single location
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