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Logit.io can be leveraged to accelerate compliance with CMMC's auditing and accountability controls

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Logit.io can be used for most auditing and accountability controls in the Cybersecurity Maturity Model certification (CMMC). By using Logit.io, you can create alerts that notify key users when logging (audit log) processes fail.

Enhance machine and business data visibility through observability to improve your CMMC readiness and achieve compliance with the following ID numbers AU.L2-3.3.1, AU.L2-3.3.2, AU.L2-3.3.3, AU.L2-3.3.4, AU.L2-3.3.5 ,AU.L2-3.3.6 ,AU.L2-3.3.8 and AU.L2-3.3.9.

Contact a compliance expert at Logit.io today to learn how Logit.io can help you meet your CMMC logging and auditing requirements.


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CMMC Framework Overview

Contractors must prove the institutionalisation of processes in order to qualify for CMMC certification prior to successful bidding on DoD contracts. Additionally, they must demonstrate that they have implemented the practices to support those processes.

CMMC certification can be obtained for an entire enterprise or for one or more segments of the enterprise, depending on how and where the information (such as CUI) is stored.

Controlling Controlled Unclassified Information, or CUI, is a major challenge to CMMC compliance. It is often only through self-assessment that an organization can determine what constitutes CUI and how to protect it.

For a successful CMMC audit, it may be necessary to implement CMMC self-assessment tools to minimise your workload (such as the solution offered by Logit.io).

Companies Feel The Difference When They Use Logit.io

"Internally, Logit.io has made it easier for us to provide better support for our customers, since finding individual messages based on various data in the payload has become easier.

At Youredi, pretty much everyone from our technical support teams through to our professional services teams uses Logit.io."

Mats von Weissenberg, CTO @ Youredi

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CMMC for Enterprises

For users to be held accountable, CMMC recommends logging the event logs created by their actions. In order for unlawful, unauthorized, suspicious, or unusual activity to not go unnoticed, your system's logs should be correlated within reporting dashboards.

With Logit.io, large enterprises can save money compared to many other reporting suites. On-demand analytics and dashboard reporting can be performed easily with Logit.io using Grafana, Kibana, and OpenSearch.

CMMC for Enterprises
Logit.io CMMC SolutionLogit.io CMMC Solution

Logit.io’s CMMC Logging Solution

CMMC solutions from Logit.io meet ten key controls spanning different levels of CMMC. This makes the platform a worthwhile option for those organisations needing to meet their own compliance requirements and who also need to audit external vendors. Logit.io can handle both of these use cases seamlessly, saving administrators and auditors time.

You can simplify certification by using Logit.io to comply with CMMC requirements, ensure audit logging best practices, and implement role-based access controls. It is imperative to use as few distributed tools as possible to comply with CMMC guidelines without additional administration.

In spite of the fact that no single tool can manage your CMMC compliance journey completely, the Logit.io platform can bring you closer to being able to compete on DOD contracts again.

Logit.io can be operated as a standard solution or as an individually customisable enterprise solution, just speak to a member of our team if you require custom data retention levels or a specifically tailored solution to meet your compliance demands.

Centralised Data Repository

In terms of centralised logging, Logit.io is one of the most popular platforms, which is also in line with the requirements of a specific CMMC control; centralising audit log data. When used as a centralised data repository, Logit.io can be used to assist with all statutory and regulatory filings, reducing manual data transference and improving accuracy.

You can manage risk and compliance associated with logs and metrics across your enterprise with our observability suite. By leveraging the Logit.io platform, you can gain visibility and control throughout the entire organisation and ensure compliance on a routine basis.

Centralised Data Repository
logit.io for OTellogit.io for OTel

Logit.io For OpenTelemetry

Logit.io support for frameworks such as OpenTelemetry ensures interoperability by standardising data definitions within the organization so disparate information systems can communicate with one another.

Find out more about OTelgo

Demonstrate CMMC Compliance With The Following Controls:

  • AU.L2-3.3.1
  • AU.L2-3.3.2
  • AU.L2-3.3.3
  • AU.L2-3.3.4
  • AU.L2-3.3.5
  • AU.L2-3.3.6
  • AU.L2-3.3.8
  • AU.L2-3.3.9
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