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NERC CIP Compliance

Automate your auditing process with and demonstrate NERC CIP compliance by centralising and retaining your records.

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Why You Should Comply With NERC CIP

You can categorize, identify, and normalise log data using for easy analysis and reporting. By utilizing powerful alerting capabilities, your team can be notified immediately of critical access attempts.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) established a framework to prevent the compromise of power systems by cybersecurity threats. By categorizing Bulk Electric Systems (BES) into high, medium, and low-risk categories, NERC CIP v5 addresses the cyber-related risks facing this sector. To address the risks associated with BES assets, Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards can be applied once BES have been classified.

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Comply With NERC CIP GuidelinesComply With NERC CIP Guidelines

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The Critical Infrastructure Protection Program (CIP) of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation is a set of standards that regulate, enforce, monitor, and manage the security of North American bulk electric systems. In order to ensure a reliable and efficient supply of electricity in North America, the CIP standards provide a cybersecurity framework to identify and secure critical assets.

Who Needs To Meet NERC CIP Compliance?

North American utility companies are required to establish and adhere to NERC CIP cybersecurity standards. In order to ensure the timely and effective operation of BES, appropriate security measures must be in place to protect its users and customers. Cyberattacks, cybervandalism, and cyberterrorism are some examples of these threats. Organizations must conduct regular risk analyses of critical assets. As well as governing access to critical assets, they must define policies for monitoring and changing their configuration.

NERC CIP SolutionNERC CIP Solution

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Centralised Storage For Compliance Success

With, your organization can meet NERC CIP compliance mandates with reports, alerts and retention of data in alignment with NERC CIP v3 and v5. Maintain all audit log records in one place so that the inspector can review your records easily and ensure the appropriate information was kept. Since auditors often ask for proof that certain internal security actions were taken at certain times, it is a good idea to keep many audit logs.

Your records, audit logs, metrics, and traces can all be accessed from one place with These features allow you to enforce tight security controls across multiple departments with access to sensitive information. According to many experts in this field, maintaining auditable proof is one of the biggest challenges under NERC CIP.

Cold Storage With S3 For NERC CIP Retention

Under CIP, logging of any potential intrusions must be backed up as well, even if a breach has not yet been detected. Auditor requests can range as far back as 36 months or even longer, so if possible, keep audit log data for multiple years. offers Amazon S3 cold storage as an option for enterprises storing sensitive data for an extended period of time. This data can be easily retrieved in the event of a NERC CIP audit to demonstrate compliance.

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Integrate With Existing Tools

Reduce the Time To Value (TTV) of your business by using integrations compatible with your existing defect tracking systems such as JIRA, Microsoft DevOps TFS and Bugzilla. As a fully integrated tool, can ingest data from a wide variety of sources and provide end-to-end visibility across your organization.


Mandatory Reporting

Reports and dashboards created with contribute to NERC CIP reporting requirements. The platform also offers scheduled reporting that can generate PDFs, PNGs, and CSV files to be sent to any user. Reports can also be customized with custom headers and footers for further personalization.

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