Microservices and containers have become a major part of IT infrastructure and ensuring they are performant and reliable is essential. Logit provides a single platform built on the popular Open Source Elasticsearch (ELK) stack, giving observability across containers and infrastrastructure, enabling your engineers to investigate, identify trends and diagnose issues faster.

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Cloud Container Monitoring

Logit is a cloud-native container monitoring system that scales on demand, allowing you to rapidly provision as many production-ready ELK stacks as required. All stacks are isolated and can be independently managed, with the flexibility of defining role based access per stack. Each Logit ELK stack has its own containerised application resources and provides a platform built on ELK for centralised container monitoring and management.

Data Source Wizard Preview Data Source Wizard Preview

Built-in Containerisation Integrations

Use preconfigured container source integrations to automate the collection of your container datasets from multiple sources across your organisation. Send any volume of data in real time, using existing open source data integrations such as Filebeat, Metricbeat and Packetbeat & many others.

Transform and Enrich Your Monitoring

Automatically collect, transform, and enrich your container logs and metrics with Logit’s hosted Logstash processing pipeline. Process and enhance metrics from deployments, containers and pods instantly using existing templates, or build your own custom pipelines.

Kibana Visualisations Kibana Visualisations

Container Dashboards and Visualisations

Use the fast and powerful Elasticsearch engine to analyse and correlate Kubernetes and Docker container logs and metrics in real-time. Use out of the box Kibana dashboards for popular data integrations or generate your own custom visualisations and dashboards. Giving you complete flexibility from your monitoring service.

Real-time Alerting and Notifications

You can configure flexible and powerful alerting to notify you when a container or pod is not performing as expected. Notifications and alerts are delivered to your existing ticketing, notification and monitoring systems, including Slack, Jira, Pagerduty, VictorOps and ServiceNow.


Integrate with Amazon, Azure and GCP

Reduce the Time To Value (TTV) with deep integration with AWS, Azure and GCP. Instantly send and monitor datasets from Kubernetes orchestration or Docker container technology.

Security and Compliance

The security and privacy of your data is the biggest consideration in everything we do since you are placing your trust in our service. Logit is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified and audited by a UKAS certified auditor. Logit also operates in compliance with GDPR, HIPAA and SOC2. You can request a copy of the certification from your Logit Sales representative.

Expert Support and Help Centre

Logit has developed a range of self-service support tools gained from years of running large scale enterprise ELK infrastructure. We also understand you may need to at times speak to an ELK engineer directly to resolve more complex issues. Our platform is integrated with a range of 3rd party tools to effectively support and manage your account to deliver a world class service with a Help Centre to give you advice and answers to everyday questions.

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