Log data is constantly being generated by software, web servers, programming languages and services your business uses on a daily basis.

Effective log analysis and management is used to consolidate thousands of petabytes of this vital performance data for DevOps professions, system administrators and C-level decision-makers to drive change across cutting edge data-driven companies.

Many free log management and analysis tools that are built upon open-source software are shown to be ineffective when it comes to informing large scale business growth across distributed systems due to their lack of flexible features.

At Logit, we understand that being able to identify critical log events fast is essential to helping your engineers be the best that they can be. By using the Logit Log analytics tool, you can correlate key events for error resolution, alerting and system log monitoring.

What is Log Analysis?

Log analysis is an umbrella term that describes the processes undertaken for generating, parsing, and centralising log entries so that the end user can easily gain insights into the health and performance of their operating systems, software, network devices, and applications.

By using log management and analysis tools, teams can improve their capability for troubleshooting, security, and performance enhancement of their vital systems.

Effective log file analysis tools share many things in common with centralised log management tools as both solutions include bringing together data from applications, services and hosts into a single platform for further refinement and storage.

Once individual data points are parsed and centralised, Chief Technology Officers, Business Analysts, Senior Software Engineers, and DevOps team members can then extract valuable insights to improve performance through data visualisations and reports.

It is important to remember that some of this data, especially server logs and event logs, while vital to track, may lead to high volumes of data being created so it is important to make sure that the simple log analyser you consider using now can be scaled affordably for more demanding services and production environments in the future.

The Logit log analyser is included as part of our complete log management platform, allowing your team to go beyond rudimentary log file analysis and reap the benefits of complete infrastructure, cloud service and container monitoring.

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hosted logging stackshosted logging stacks

BYO (Build Your Own) Vs Managed/Hosted Log Analytics Platforms

The majority of inhouse log file viewers built upon open source tools require installation, upgrades and setup to be done by trained in-house staff, this rapidly makes managing logs inline with a growing business highly resource-intensive and increasingly expensive over time.

Logit makes use of the open source log management and analysis capabilities offered by Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana and Beats (also known as the Elastic Stack), in order to save your technicians from having to trail errors across distributed servers and environments.

While the Elastic Stack is offered as a free to use platform initially, when it comes to installing and upgrading the software inline with new projects and large scale operations it can be highly difficult to grow alongside a company’s growing data complexities.

This is why using Logit’s hosted ELK for log analysis gives you the best of both worlds as an affordable and comprehensive analysis and management platform. We also offer free seamless upgrades for ELK that you wouldn’t benefit from when building your own Elastic Stack deployment.

Why Use Logit for Log analysis?

Logit provides a complete log platform that makes the process of log data analysis, reporting and monitoring of critical performance issues far less tedious, time-consuming and ineffective in comparison to typical open source log file analytics solutions.

Our platform also does not lock in your data as we allow all logs to be exported freely for external processing in a service of your choice.

We also provide customizable and pre-configured real-time alerts that give you the visibility to know as soon as an error occurs within your applications and services.

Real-time alerts significantly reduce the time needed to detect and address a problem.

Logit is fully integrated to send alerts to a range of third party messaging channels including Opsgenie, Slack, Jira, Pagerduty, VictorOps, and ServiceNow.

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You're in good company

Compliance and securityCompliance and security

Log Analysis For Ensuring Compliance

Security logs can capture sensitive information on user behavior and sessions as well as other factors which could lead to probable identification.

With these considerations in mind, it is important for organizations to ensure that any tool they consider for log processing and analysis are compliant with the company’s wider privacy and security principles.

All data transfers to the Logit platform are protected by Transport Layer Security (TLS). The platform is also ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified as well as being GDPR, HIPAA and SOC2 compliant. Additionally Logit.io is also a PCI compliant service provider.

We also offer internal controls to stop your data from being accessed by the wrong team members through role-based access control and offer single sign-on with SAML for enhanced security.

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Extensive Data Sources & Integrations

Our managed service allows you to use our configuration guides for shipping data from hundreds of log sources and tools you already use daily.

Logit’s configuration guides for lightweight shippers (such as Heartbeat , Auditbeat and Filebeat ) fully automate the collection of your application, network, and high-performance server metrics.

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Integrations and data sources
Kibana reporting dashboardKibana reporting dashboard

Visualise and Report

Inspect and correlate your metrics in real-time with our enhanced log file analysis tool.

Our combined hosted solution of Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana allows you to generate dashboards fast, giving you complete visibility of your infrastructure components.

Use visualisations and dashboards to provide context and visibility of end-to-end business processes, allowing you to leverage your data for unified monitoring.

Analyse hybrid, public, and private cloud logs and metrics fast with out of the box Kibana dashboards or explore a suite of custom options for added insights on your application data.

Benefits Of Logit's Log Analytics Platform:

  • Unlimited Users
  • Live Tailing
  • Free Platform Upgrades
  • Event Logs Analysis
  • Application Log Analytics
  • Cloud Infrastructure Logging
  • Log Parsing
  • Log Indexing
  • Syslog Analysis
  • Real-Time Alerts & Alert Notifications
  • Logging as-a-Service
  • Archive & rollback
  • Auto-scaling
  • Audit log
  • Two-factor authentication
  • log analytics platform

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