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Logit.io's IIS log viewer allows users to analyse issues with their Microsoft server logs with ease.

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The Logit.io platform is used to troubleshoot issues with Windows and various other operating system generated logs and metrics, including data that indicates performance issues, security issues, access violations, and more.


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How to use IIS Log ViewerHow to use IIS Log Viewer

Using Logit.io's IIS Log Viewer?

Logit.io offers a simple to use platform that can ingest IIS logs within minutes of registering that allows system engineers, DevOps and IT infrastructure managers to view a variety of different data points and view key information including the following:

IIS activity history – This includes any activity that is performed on the Internet Information Services (IIS) webserver. This can include HTTP requests from clients, as well as file transfer operations for files stored on the server. Users can also see any errors that occur during this process as well as other general Windows actions that have taken place recently related to the web server activity.

The web server logs also provide additional details regarding how the web applications was updated or updated content stored in a database or other files stored on the system for retrieval by clients. In addition, these records include which applications accessed the web applications and how many times they did so during each session.

Logit.io IIS Log Analysis Tool

Logit.io IIS log platform helps make sense of the logs automatically created when users access your web server. IIS log files provide a repository of information that can be used to help analyse important events, such as when users access your site, what they do on your website, which pages they visit, and so on.

The Logit.io platform offers many more features just analysing IIS logs as the platform is also built for collecting, parsing, analysing, and reporting on logs from any data source including programming languages, databases, third-party tools or any other application that generates log files.

Logit.io IIS Logging

Companies Feel The Difference When They Use Logit.io

"Internally, Logit.io has made it easier for us to provide better support for our customers, since finding individual messages based on various data in the payload has become easier.

At Youredi, pretty much everyone from our technical support teams through to our professional services teams uses Logit.io."

Mats von Weissenberg, CTO @ Youredi

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Logit.io use casesLogit.io use cases

Common Logit.io platform use cases

Troubleshoot problems: If there is a problem with a site or application, then using the Logit.io IIS log management platform can help pinpoint where those issues lie. It may be as simple as seeing that there was a spike in traffic from one area of the world on a particular date and time, which could indicate a DDoS attack on the site. The platform can also be used to troubleshoot changes to a piece of code that caused unexpected behaviour elsewhere on your site, which could result in fixes being made to prevent future problems from occurring.

Audit compliance: If your company has specific usage policies for certain sites or applications, it may be necessary to make sure those policies are being upheld. This can be done by reviewing logs regularly or setting up a schedule for review. This way, a company can make sure they’re following their own rules and staying within their own guidelines under GDPR, SOC2 or HIPAA.

Real-Time Alerting: system engineers, DevOps and IT leaders don't want to spend hours digging through log files manually. Our platform is used to simplify the process of troubleshooting and monitoring logs as well as for custom alert creation.

Benefits Of The Logit.io IIS Log Analyser

Make troubleshooting IIS log issues faster, easier & more effective. The Logit.io IIS platform is a powerful log management and visualisation tool that provides everything engineers need to monitor and troubleshoot IT infrastructure. Combines log data from all of your servers and applications into a central repository in order to detect issues faster and take action. Analyse your IIS logs in real-time with reports, custom alerts, dashboards, views, and reports.

Our platform is the only all-in-one tool system engineers and infrastructure managers need to troubleshoot and monitor servers and workloads. Quickly isolate performance bottlenecks and fix performance-related issues in your IT environment, monitor applications and websites in real-time for improved application availability and responsiveness by visualizing query metrics over time as a graph or as a report.

Manage & visualise your logs from an intuitive Kibana or Grafana® backed dashboard from which your team can analyse and visualize logs from multiple servers. When data is presented in a way that allows the user to quickly determine if an application is running as expected you can reduce your time spent on discovering errors and get back to deploying code and using data to inform change.

Benefits Of The Logit.io IIS Log Analyser

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