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JSON Log Viewer we understand the importance of efficiency and accuracy required when using log data for analysis, troubleshooting, and debugging.

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With the amount of data generated by networks, systems, and apps increasing by the day, efficient and powerful log management solutions are needed more than ever.

Collecting log files in the JSON format is one of the most common formats that you'll encounter, but you need a way to streamline the process of sorting, and effectively analysing these files. Instead of starting from scratch and manually sorting massive files, its best to utilise a specialised log viewer that can handle JSON files for you.

Free and open-source (FOSS) solutions are rarely able to scale and are unlikely to have built-in compliance and protection such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI compliance. makes the most of open-source solutions for JSON logging whilst centralising the best features of ELK, Grafana® & OpenSearch into a single comprehensive and compliant solution.


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Format Support & Data VisualisationFormat Support & Data Visualisation

Format Support & Data Visualisation

In order to work with JSON logs, you need a centralised system that supports the format. As JSON logging files are often large, this makes it harder for open-source log viewers to handle.

Large and distributed files can be hard to analyze without a dedicated platform that's compatible with multiple file types. By utilising a degree of automation as offered by Logstash, JSON log files analysis can be simplified.

Without data visualisation tools such as hosted Kibana (which provides by default), its easy to get stuck in a cycle of configuring, maintaining and hosting across distributed third-party visualisation software suites.

Companies Feel The Difference When They Use

"Internally, has made it easier for us to provide better support for our customers, since finding individual messages based on various data in the payload has become easier.

At Youredi, pretty much everyone from our technical support teams through to our professional services teams uses"

Mats von Weissenberg, CTO @ Youredi

Youredi testimonial

"One thing is certain when operating in the startup space, a strict budget. Before we make any purchase decision to use a SaaS platform, we need to validate the benefits of the platform and more importantly the team behind the platform.'s customer support team stood out. Right from the beginning, the team was there to answer questions and walk us through the process."

Ioannis Sintos, Co-Founder & CIO - Uizard

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What Is a JSON Log Viewer?

A log viewer is a tool that simplifies the process of viewing, merging, sorting, searching, and filtering out the information contained in JSON log files. The log files could be coming from anywhere within your network, whether it's servers and operating systems, programming languages or applications.

Our JSON log viewer is capable of scanning and processing the data stored in JSON files, making use of parsed data which can then be used to formulate reports, charts and full dashboards.

Overall, a log viewer provides a way to make the most of your log files, from searching and filtering to analytics and troubleshooting.

What Is a JSON Log Viewer?
Centralised JSON Log ViewingCentralised JSON Log Viewing

Centralised JSON Log Viewing

Eliminate time wasted in hunting for your log files by automating the forwarding of all JSON log files straight to your Log Viewer by using hosted Logstash.

By using a cloud-native, centralised logging system such as, you can make sure all parts of your network are connected and that all of your log data can be analysed from a single location.

This allows you to view and analyse thousands of events and incidents as they happen by streaming data to your dashboards. Centralised logging also helps users ensure compliance with PCI, SOC2, and CMMC audit log regulations.

Thanks to our centralised platform, you can also spend less time combing through log files for errors in critical infrastructure and eliminate manual analysis entirely.

Immediate Troubleshooting and Analytics

How fast you are able to identify, troubleshoot, and fix an issue can have critical effects on the efficiency of your software, something which can be difficult to pinpoint when querying large and obscure JSON files.

Using our log viewer's built-in search and filtering feature, you'll be able to exclude unnecessary events, allowing you to focus your attention on the ones related to a specific event. By tracing back specific log messages to the source faster, you'll be able to drastically save time on the average troubleshooting task.'s Log Viewer takes the guesswork out of the equation with real-time, in-depth insights about the data created by your systems. Our platform also makes use of the variety of fields in JSON files and picks up on changes, patterns, and anomalies.

Immediate Troubleshooting and Analytics
Quick and Efficient Data Visualisation

Quick and Efficient Data Visualisation

Effective data visualisation is vital for deriving key insights from log files and data. Graphical representations of data-driven information provide the best method for displaying important information from large log files and understanding their implications.'s log viewer eases complexity by allowing you to display all of your metrics and logs in charts provided by Kibana, Grafana and OpenSearch dashboards.

This provides a complete visualisation suite that offers charts, graphs, and maps that can be rendered into PDF, PNG, and CSV reports for easy sharing.

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