Optimise your log management and log aggregation costs by using our affordable and scalable platform built on the open source tools Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana.

Our log aggregation tool is just one feature of our wider data management system, which allows for full reporting, alerting and integrates logs seamlessly from a variety of data sources.

  • centralised

    Centralised Logging

    By using a centralised logging service you can manage logs from network devices, services & server instances all within a single platform.

  • Metrics Aggregation

    Metrics Aggregation

    Unlike other log management platforms, Logit.io includes imported metrics processing as well as logs at no additional cost.

  • No Lock In

    No Vendor Lock In

    Export data visualisations and reports freely from Kibana with no vendor lock in.

  • Saving Time

    Save Time

    Logit.io saves technology teams hours by providing a single source of truth for analysis, alerting and data visualisation.

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Centralised Logging

Why Is Log Aggregation Essential?

When logs are distributed across a variety of systems, servers and services it can be extremely difficult to isolate errors, security breaches and maintain compliant operations.

This is where log aggregation comes into play by centralising logs so that they live in a single platform that uses Logstash for parsing, transformation and enriching log data to make them human readable.

Logs are then stored in Elasticsearch and easliy visualised in Kibana.

The Best Of Open Source… Without Setup, Training & Maintenance

Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana (also known as the Elastic Stack) are well known across a variety of use cases for their efficiency for open source log aggregation. Beyond log aggregation, Elasticsearch also offers extremely fast full text search which assists in the querying of key messages.

Unfortunately the configuration and maintenance of the Elastic Stack can be very costly to scale alongside a business’s growing operations.

This is where the Logit.io platform can provide a cost effective and scalable solution as our hosted Elastic service makes both the headaches associated with maintaining open source tools and aggregating data a thing of the past.

In addition the Elastic Stack typically used as a build your own (BYO) deployment doesn’t come supplied with alerting or live tailing. Live tailing is vital for real time troubleshooting in production and identifying suspicious live user activity.

Our platform also provides tailing, alerting and notifications as standard with no additional installations required.

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Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana Stacks
Save Time On Analysis

Save Hours Spent On Distributed Log Analysis

Give back hours to your engineering and development teams each week with centralised log aggregation and management.

When it comes to conducting root cause analysis of errors and security instances, time is of the essence to mitigate instances affecting your systems.

As your technical team reviews logs manually from each individual application, unnecessary time is lost due to all of your log files not being brought together in a platform that provides them with a single source of truth.

Eventually, as your organisation deploys to an ever increasing number of on-premise, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments the old way of viewing log files service by service is quickly found to be unscalable for error resolution and monitoring.

Our log management and analytics platform consolidates data throughout your infrastructure and enriches this data for enhanced observability and makes actionable tasks based upon the insights from your data all the more accessible.

Log Aggregation With Time Series Reporting

Unlike many log aggregation tools the Logit.io platform also provides time series reporting thanks to our managed Kibana integration.

Kibana also supports geolocation in the form of plotting IP addresses against a map. This is highly valuable when users wish to use Logit.io as an SIEM platform.

Alongside time series visualisation & geolocation reporting, Kibana is also home to many different charts, maps and line graphs, which allow for comprehensive data visualisations to be created as part of the reporting functionality of our platform.

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time series and geolocation reporting in Kibanatime series and geolocation reporting in Kibana
Affordable Enterprise Logging FeaturesAffordable Enterprise Logging Features

An Affordable Cloud Native Log Management Solution

With many millions of log messages taking up petabytes of data being created everyday by larger hosts, systems & applications, it can seem that considering a cloud native log management tool is far too expensive for most organisations to implement.

At Logit.io we pride ourselves on being able to offer affordable cloud based log management and our enterprise plan offering SLAs available up to 99.999% is still highly competitive in comparison to many other logging providers.

Our help centre is even home to walkthroughs to take you through steps to reduce your log data outputs to save our users unnecessary costs.

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Process & Identify Irregular Log Messages Fast

Our log aggregation feature is backed by hosted Logstash . Hosted Logstash works as an extract, transform & load (etl) tool for collecting log messages.

Once data is pushed to your Stack it can then be visualised in Kibana to allow for problematic logs to be identified.

These logs may display security, error and events contributing to the downtime of your applications that without processing within a log management tool would be significantly less human readable.

When troubleshooting is necessary, it is essential to be able to spot troublesome log messages fast for improved time to resolution.

identify log messages
cold storage

Custom Retention & Cold Storage

As part of our enterprise solution we also offer custom retention periods for users that need to hold onto their data for longer than 30 days, just get in touch with a member of our team through live chat to discuss this further.

Our cold storage functionality also allows you to export snapshots of your Elasticsearch indices as backups which can be stored in Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or Amazon S3 and can be restored to Logit.io at any point for analysis.

By default our Stack & Account Audit Log offers exporting to CSV and JSON for companies that need to retain data on how privileged users access and interact with logged data for extended periods (in order to meet compliance regulations).

Ship Log Data With Logstash, Fluentd, Filebeat… and more!

Our integrations and sources allow you to send data from a variety of services, applications and third party tools.

If you don’t wish to use Logstash to send your data for aggregation, we also offer the choice of using Filebeat and Fluentd which you may prefer (Fluentd has had preference previously with AWS, Kubernetes & Google Cloud users for shipping logs).

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