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Case Study

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Discover how helped Uizard, the startup building the world's first AI-powered prototyping tool, centralise their log data from numerous locations to enable their engineers to make data-driven decisions fast.


Executive Summary

As Uizard were preparing to scale for growth they required a way to centralise their ever-growing logs so that their team could capture & act upon the valuable insights being hidden as a result of decentralising logging. The platform gave Uizard fully managed ELK-as-a-Service as well as an easy to use UI that fully supported the use of Logstash filtering. This allowed for faster searching so that their engineers could get to their most important logs in as few steps as possible.

About Uizard

Uizard is revolutionizing the way people build apps, websites, and IT products by leveraging the power of AI to make prototyping easier and accessible to everyone. This allows organizations to benefit from having a more diverse team actively participating and brainstorming throughout the most crucial phases of product development.

Uizard is making the process of prototyping simpler by allowing their users to simply take pictures of their sketches, link them together, and create working digital prototypes fast.

You may have previously heard of Uizard as they’ve been mentioned on TechCrunch, Wired, Hackernoon, The Next Web & Life Hacker for their innovative prototyping tool.

The Problem They Faced

Before Uizard was planning on scaling their operations rapidly, the team only had a few sources of logs to worry about & as such they initially started out by using a monolithic logging architecture.

As they grew in popularity & size so too did their need to use different tools & services which all created their own distinct log files that needed to be managed & monitored effectively.

Fetching & accessing all of these logs without a unified platform quickly became a difficult task for their engineers. They needed to find a log management platform fast to solve their issues around logging at scale.

Required: A Log Management Solution With Industry-Leading Customer Support

Uizard wanted to gain the benefits of ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana) for log management but after undertaking research, they found the idea of building their own ELK Stack a costly & time-consuming challenge.

For young startups, the costs & staffing associated with maintaining an ELK stack are often out of scope for businesses that require logging & data analysis early in their growth stage.

When issues around logging arose early on, the team at Uizard started looking for a hosted ELK provider to get the results they needed without having to build and maintain ELK in-house.

"One thing is certain when operating in the startup space, a strict budget. Before we make any purchase decision to use a saas platform, we need to validate the benefits of the platform and more importantly the team behind the platform. Logit's customer support team stood out. There are a lot of options when it comes to hosted services but not all of them share the same philosophy around customer support.

Right from the beginning, the Logit team was there to answer questions and walk us through the process."

Ioannis Sintos Co-Founder & CIO @ Uizard

Implementing For Centralised Logging

We had various sources of logs we wanted to integrate. Some of them were straightforward and some of them would require custom integration. We started pushing logs one source at a time.

We wanted to get Amazon EC2 logs into Elasticsearch so using Metricbeat was an obvious first choice.

A lot of the EC2 instances are just container hosts running our application services so getting application logs was the next step. Simply drop Filebeat next to Metricbeat and application logs start flowing. Now our engineering teams had one place to visit to review application logs. It was already an improvement.

Since we are hosted on AWS, we wanted AWS access logs to be accessible in the same central place. This is where the Logit integration with S3 bucket came into place. After speaking with the engineers at Logit, we managed to get the integration working. We could now see all the actions our engineers and services were performing.

Ioannis Sintos

Co-Founder & CIO @ Uizard


As a result of using the Logit platform, Uizard didn’t have to endure the overheads involved with building and maintaining an Elastic Stack in house just to manage their application & container logs.

As a business hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) they were able to make use of the Logit Amazon integrations to centrally manage all of their AWS activity. This improved their observability & allowed them to easily see the different actions their engineers and services were performing.

Through the use of Logit’s Hosted Logstash instances, Uizard was also able to improve their overall access time for logs & could now easily isolate important log files for further troubleshooting.

The Logit UI was very easy to use and allowed us to try out different logstash filters and get feedback very quickly. After some experimentation with the filters, our engineers could finally get to the important stuff with just a few clicks.

Ioannis Sintos

Co-Founder & CIO @ Uizard

Benefits Overview

✓ Fully managed Elastic Stack ✓ High-value service & great value for money ✓ Zero maintenance effort after Stack setup ✓ Gain visibility of your operations ✓ Fast onboarding for teams ✓ Excellent customer service support ✓ Scale your operations with ease

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