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The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a law that allows California consumers to ask companies to provide them with all the information they have stored about them as well as a full list of any third parties that the company has shared that data with. In addition, the California law gives consumers the right to sue companies if the privacy guidelines are violated, even if there have been no actual breaches of privacy.

Having a complete understanding of the CCPA is critical for data security administrators to assure compliance with the CCPA. This is done by continuously monitoring and auditing the activities taking place across their networks in order to ensure compliance with Californian law. Data access information must also be regularly monitored by data professionals as well.

In light of the fact that there is a growing number of new companies that are considering how to become compliant with the CCPA, it would be helpful to compare what CCPA compliance solutions can be used to make the transition to compliance a fast, smooth, and cost-effective one.

The following guide contains some of the best CCPA compliance software used by enterprises to ensure compliance with the CCPA across a variety of applications.

1. provides a highly affordable CCPA solution that makes it possible to demonstrate compliance. understands the importance of helping its customers to comply with CCPA regulations. This is why they provide each of their customers with a comprehensive observability solution that will help them to comply with CCPA reporting requirements regarding data breaches.

Furthermore, this CCPA compliance platform also ensures that their stored data will be protected from unauthorised access by implementing a variety of fine-grained role-based access controls (RBAC).

As a result of the advanced audit log available via, it is possible to establish complete and provable traceability of all operations that have any bearing on consumer data. The service provides you with a high level of availability and service level agreements (SLAs) with up to 99.999% availability, providing you with peace of mind that your data and compliance are fully protected.

Additionally, also enables you to leverage the platform as a CCPA monitoring and alerting service so that you can monitor and respond to a wide range of metrics, logs, and data access events in real-time, as they arise. Additionally, has received five-star reviews from Capterra, Software Advice, and Gartner as of this writing (as of November 2022).

Features include:

  • Granular access control with advanced role-based capabilities
  • Integrate with hundreds of other applications and data sources
  • Pre-configured monitoring dashboards
  • Cost-effective compliance packages
  • Reports that can be scheduled
  • Achieve compliance & auditing
  • Alert and notify breaches

2. ManageEngine

Using ManageEngine's EventLog Analyzer, users can improve the performance of their applications and troubleshoot them easily with the help of expert support. Unfortunately, the platform has been criticised previously due to its dated user interface and the inability to provide seamless platform upgrades as a result of its outdated user interface.

With ManageEngine's EventLog Analyzer, you are able to monitor your log data in an instant. This will enable you to ensure compliance with the CCPA regulations by getting reports on data breaches and data security breaches right from out-of-the-box reports. Additionally, this will ensure the integrity of the stored data, and allow the tracking of all data access permissions. As a result of continuously monitoring databases such as MySQL, Oracle, etc., this solution also identifies and tracks suspicious insider activities.

Key Features:

  • Dashboards that are tailored to your needs
  • Monitor synthetic transactions in real-time
  • Monitoring the end-user experience
  • Tracing transactions
  • Data mapping

3. Netwrix

Founded in 1989, Netrix is a leading provider of managed and professional IT services, with a particular focus on cloud computing, cybersecurity, application development and ITSM solutions. Providing its clients with in-house and third-party solutions that leverage leading third-party tools as well as a global workforce, Netrix caters to the mission-critical IT requirements of over 1,500 mid-size and enterprise companies.

As part of Netwrix's CCPA software, users are able to identify where CCPA-regulated data resides within IT infrastructure, who has access to it, and how it is used. Users can also keep an eye out for suspicious activity around that data, so that engineers can make sure that no consumer information has been misused or overexposed, that consumer requests are handled promptly, and that CCPA compliance audits are more easily passed.

Key Features:

  • Active directory security
  • Audit and compliance
  • Data governance

4. TrustArc

In terms of CCPA privacy notice software, TrustArc is one of the most scalable and robust ones available today, which is also easy to configure as per a user’s business objectives. Using this technology, all operational processes are managed more effectively and seamlessly with a highly flexible approach. The tool comes supplied with a user-friendly dashboard that houses many analytics features and is generally an all-in-one tool for privacy and risk management.

In order to reduce privacy risks and comply with CCPA privacy requirements, TrustArc’s CCPA privacy management software creates automated data flow maps that enable users to gain insight into what type of personal information is collected, shared, and processed. In addition, TrustArc enables users to conduct CCPA privacy assessments, allowing them to identify risks within their business processes and third-party vendors, so that they can chart out a path to remediation to ensure ongoing compliance with the CCPA.

Key Features:

  • Privacy impact assessments
  • Consent management
  • Identity verification
  • Data classification

5. Bryter

Bryter is an innovative platform that powers the transformation of domain expertise into digital applications, providing legal, compliance, and procurement IT specialists with an easy-to-use interface that requires zero coding knowledge. In addition to being a powerful development platform, it also integrates well with existing IT infrastructures.

As part of their CCPA tool and vendor assessor, companies can automatically evaluate the compliance of their vendors against CCPA requirements. In addition, they can also evaluate the type of data processing involved with each vendor. In this way, a consistent approach and documentation can be ensured.

Within a centralised audit trail, Bryter enables users to track and document all the information that has been collected about vendors, alongside the results of any further investigations. This information allows users to forecast the next steps to take. Having this information allows businesses to prove and document compliance efforts if they need to do so for external auditors.

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