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As the Coronavirus pandemic develops and continues to impact our daily lives, we appreciate that not only does it present challenges globally but also the emphasis it has on the importance of technologies and services such as

We know how critical our platform is to our customers’ business operations and critical infrastructure, so we wanted to share our commitment to you, our customers, and inform you of the approach we have taken to ensure our service continues with a high standard of functionality and availability, during these unprecedented times.

We will continue to proactively monitor global developments and news of the severity of the Coronavirus pandemic from the World Health Organisation (WHO) amongst other sources and guidelines, such as as local government guidelines in

Manchester, where our head office is based. Here at Logit, we are committed to continuously assessing and augmenting our Business Continuity Plan accordingly and in line with our audited ISO27001 and PCI Level 2 Service Provider standards, ensuring the continuity and support of our colleagues, customers and communities.

Our priority here at Logit, is to protect the safety and well-being of our colleagues, clients and customers, whilst we continue supporting healthcare, financial and critical infrastructure organisations which rely on our service. We are here to support you during this time of uncertainty.

Our Customers and Clients

Our business operations are resilient, our colleagues across are doing everything they can to carry on serving our clients and helping them to maintain Logit’s products and services. We are confident that coronavirus (COVID-19) will not impact the platform. As the situation continues to evolve, we are taking increased measures of precaution including;

  • High availability and resiliency

As part of our mission here at Logit we are ever ensuring the high availability of the Logit platform. We are a multi cloud, multi-region SaaS organisation, operating on a globally distributed scale, running on both AWS and OVH in 28 different regions, ensuring you always have the highest quality service without disruption.

  • Uninterrupted service

Logit has a robust tried and tested Incident Response Plan alongside a Disaster recovery procedure. With access to redundant capabilities, we ensure the continuity of our service even in extreme circumstances. By monitoring our contingency planning we can adjust and deploy additional resources if and when necessary.

  • Support and communication

You can be reassured our team is committed to supporting all our customers. Logit has a dedicated technical support team who remain available 24/7 in order to maintain the high-quality customer service and support you expect. Our support team are available via email, our contact support form and our live chat tool.

  • SLAs

Rest assured our SLAs remain unchanged. Giving you peace of mind, Logit is here to provide you with the capacity and resilience during these rapidly changing unpredictable times. Our Employees

Since March 2020, Logit directed all employees to work from home until further notice. In addition to this we introduced further steps to reduce the risk of infection and support the health and safety of our colleagues, including restricting all business travel, suspension of face to face meetings, cancelled all events, meet-ups and conferences, and shared best practice health tips with our teams.

Whilst we continue to work as usual, Logit has over the years, built a culture where employees can work remotely. As a cloud based SaaS company with an extremely strong infrastructure, we are prepared to manage business continuity challenges virtually and have taken the time to re assess the capabilities of our collaborative technologies, communication channels and equipment to help minimise the disruption to our service and workflow. We are confident that our systems and processes enable our colleagues to continue doing their jobs effectively and securely whilst remote working.

So from us all here at Logit, we would like to thank you for your continued trust and support and wish you, our customers, good health. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or enquiries at [email protected]

Stay Safe. The Logit Team.

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