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In a world where cloud service billing is often confusing to users, wishes to remind users both new and existing that in comparison to a number of comparable services we pride ourselves on upholding transparency as one of our core commitments to our users.

We realise firsthand why it is so essential for organisations to be able to perform due diligence and get the fairest price on their chosen logging and metrics solution.

In addition to this, it is also vital to be able to proceed with your chosen solution without the fear of being charged unexpected data egress fees or other additional hidden charges.

Additionally, in this post, we’ll also cover why you need to avoid vendor lock-in when comparing cloud services that you wish to implement. provides all of our users with straightforward pricing plans, resourced accordingly with none of the additional hidden usage-based costs commonly associated with other cloud-native platforms.

Based on your data & retention requirements will readily allocate the correct number of nodes, clusters and any other additional infrastructure resources required in accordance with keeping your Stacks highly available and performant.

For would-be users of other observability and monitoring platforms, it can be hard to figure out how much it is going to cost you upfront as they use terminology expecting you to calculate 1.4x the price displayed, often use fine print and may even go as far as A/B testing what pricing they display for the same service!

When you sign up for many other log management and hosted ELK providers you will often find that many of them split out the capabilities of ELK into separate pricing by logs, metrics and variations in observability and monitoring levels.

Due to this, you will often find that you are being charged additionally for services that should already be included as part of your ELK based log & metrics management platform.

Unlike, you may also encounter service providers that charge additional fees for upholding additional compliance standards (such as PCI DSS).

The downside of using log management providers that promote the benefits of only charging you for the data that you use know that if you have an unforeseen spike in data how much this could hurt your company’s pocket.

By using a service such as you can benefit from more safeguards that are in place to prevent you from going over your monthly data retention limits and reduce the chances of getting burnt financially if your organisation is hit by a dramatic increase in logs or metrics. We will notify you if you go over your account limits more transparently than other cloud providers so that you have a better chance to resize your Stack in line with your updated plan requirements, instead of not surfacing this information until you receive your next usage bill.

The platform offers predictable and transparent pricing across all of our platform’s use cases.

We also offer access to multiple regions for deployment ensuring that you can make regional compliance a priority in your organisation's data sovereignty strategy.

We also do not levy data egress fees for data exported outside of the platform as we believe that your data belongs to you, and as an open SaaS provider we give you the freedom to export all configuration and data as required.

This makes far more cross-compatible with complimentary services that you may already use than many of the leading log management platforms that lock your data into their platform so you can’t use additional third-party services without incurring unexpected charges.

Examples of third-party services that can be used alongside log and metrics management commonly include Domo (for business intelligence), Sentry & Rollbar (for error tracking). also does not implement vendor lock-in fees. Vendor lock-in means that businesses who are unhappy with their current logging solution can't easily switch to another provider that meets all of their requirements.

At we would much rather our users were happy to use our platform to meet all of their data analysis requirements than they be penalised with vendor lock-in if they require a solution that more closely meets their requirements.

As a platform that goes as far as to provide custom onboarding for enterprise clients with custom needs, we work to ensure our platform meets your needs.

As well as easy to understand pricing, also provides extensive support for integrations.

With the plan that you pay for covers any use cases of hosted ELK including its use as one of the best SIEM tools, log management, container & cloud monitoring as well as any of our other viewers and analytics solutions.

Whether you need for container analysis, business analytics, cloud monitoring or public sector compliance, all of your departments will be paying based on the amount of data they create and the period of retention they require, not based on premiums associated with their particular use case, unlike a lot of our competitors within this space.

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