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In the latest instalment of our interviews speaking to leaders throughout the world of tech, we’ve welcomed Sabir Tapory, CTO of ZeeTim. Zeetim is a Maryland-based software development firm that offers to manage cloud endpoints, remote printing solution, multi-factor authentication solution & a password solution for businesses.

What notable IT challenges have you overcome?

We are a system integrator and a software editor in the sector of VDI and cloud computing. We have achieved many exciting challenges over the years, but I think what I am most proud of is the creation of a complete dedicated endpoint solution for the cloud, consisting of a patented OS and a complete management tool.

What was at stake was to develop a fully secure solution while keeping an easy user experience. The greatest challenge was probably during the burst out of COVID where our clients had to deploy an efficient remote work infrastructure quickly. We adapted and expanded our solutions to meet their needs during this critical time.

What are your plans to expand your service?

We keep on improving our existing solutions and work with clients to implement them successfully. We also have new products in our pipeline.

Being the CTO, what does your day to day responsibilities look like?

I manage two different teams: a consultancy department with engineers implementing VDI infrastructures for clients, and a software development team that works on efficient endpoint solutions to complement these cloud-based infrastructures. My days are packed, but I love that!

What advice would you give aspiring CTOs and entrepreneurs?

My first advice would be to surround yourself with talented and dedicated co-workers. Don’t be afraid to hire someone smarter than you. The human aspect is a key element for success.

My second advice is to never take anything for granted, especially in IT. Technologies, good practices, software, evolve at a fast pace. You need to be both agile and humble and adapt to your environment. Being dedicated to the clients and listening to them is also a key success factor for me.

How do you think the role of CTO has evolved in the last five, ten, fifteen years?

Fifteen years ago, a CTO was just an executioner, whose tasks were considered of less importance than sales or marketing heads for instance. Today, technology has become a core element of a company strategy.

CTOs are more and more in the board committee, their opinion is considered, they have a strategic role that they did not have in the past. Companies are ready to spend a large part of their budget on improving and securing their IT tools since it has become crucial today.

What new challenges are CTOs facing today?

Increasing security threats on data from hackers, data leaks, shadow IT, malware and virus, massive adoption of cloud, remote workers, data privacy. Many exciting challenges.

What do you see as the hottest trends within your industry today?

Cloud and remote work are definitely the hottest trends right now. It involves a huge transformation for the IT system and will shape the behaviours of users and companies in the next decades. AI and IoT will also be game-changers, although still on the learning curve for now.

What can we hope to see from your business in the future?

We are planning to improve our solutions and expand worldwide. But we will do so without losing our identity: dedication to customers’ needs, unmatched support, close bonds with our clients and partners. When you call us for an issue, you will speak directly to the developer who owns the solution.

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