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The system and cloud monitoring platform is fully integrated with an internal audit log on both your account and ELK, (Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana) Stack level that can be accessed by all users and exported as a CSV or JSON file to be stored on an external system for long term retention free of charge.

By using audit log data to ensure compliant operations you can spot potential bad actors and high alert activities to assist in preventing data breaches before they occur.


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what is an audit log

What Is An Audit Log?

An audit log captures event logs that show who performed an activity and what part of the system was accessed. An advanced audit log can be searched or filtered upon the basis of the known IP address of the user, the user account name, their event type and their Stack ID.

For grasping a clear picture of who is accountable for accessing data and performing actions with potentially sensitive information, monitoring audit log events are essential, we’ll expand on this below.

By allowing those responsible in your organisation for identifying vulnerabilities to use a clear reporting interface, they’ll be able to greatly reduce their time to resolution (TTR) in the event an internal breach is encountered.

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"Internally, has made it easier for us to provide better support for our customers, since finding individual messages based on various data in the payload has become easier.

At Youredi, pretty much everyone from our technical support teams through to our professional services teams uses"

Mats von Weissenberg, CTO @ Youredi

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"One thing is certain when operating in the startup space, a strict budget. Before we make any purchase decision to use a SaaS platform, we need to validate the benefits of the platform and more importantly the team behind the platform.'s customer support team stood out. Right from the beginning, the team was there to answer questions and walk us through the process."

Ioannis Sintos, Co-Founder & CIO - Uizard

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Top Reasons Why Audit Logs Should Be Monitored & Stored

Event log files should be periodically reviewed using an event log analyser to ensure that users with special privileges are accessing and modifying data in line organisation’s guidelines to ensure accountability and security best practises are upheld. By analysing internal activities in this way, you can take steps to identify and prevent suspicious activity taking place.

If this is also implemented inline with regularly reviewed user permissions and closely regulated role-based access controls you can make a considerable difference in reducing the risks commonly associated with internal data and security breaches.

To assist in restricting internal users access to unauthorised data, also provides hosted OpenSearchwhich allows users to use Read Only Kibana & Read Only Dashboard roles with index, document and field level access restrictions .

If a breach were to occur in an area of your organisation, audit logs play a vital role in assisting analysts to understand the actions that led up to a critical information security event.

By providing an electronic record of activities within your reporting platform, data analysts can trace what actions led to disaster in order to resolve any incidents and ensure preventative measures are taken as part of future planning.

As part of taking preventative measures and subsequently ensure compliant activities, users will find that long term retention of internal activities logs to be of great importance. By backing up these events, a bigger picture of long term user behaviour can be visited at any point when this data later becomes relevant.

audit log security
centralised log management

Why Use A Log Management Platform With An In-Built Audit Log?

As being able to clearly capture audit logs has increased in importance for cybersecurity professionals tracking down the causes of internal vulnerabilities and for data protection officers responsible for demonstrating compliance, it is essential that your log management platformincludes an internal audit log report.

Many log analysis systems also do not have an inbuilt audit log feature that allows for freely exporting vital event data for ensuring internal compliance and data security.

The advanced audit log report is home to an intuitive user interface (UI), enhanced search and filtering capabilities as well as zero vendor lock-in on data exports.

By using our log management tool (built upon hosted ELK) and audit log functionality, you are able to freely export your internal event logs for long term retention(this is especially vital for larger organisations that need to retain internal user actions for over a year’s worth of data in order to meet compliance requirements).

Freely export your events as either CSV or JSON formatted documents & use our fast search and filter to identify activity based on event type, username, IP address or stack ID to allow for faster searching for audit records.

For Enterprise Level Compliance & Security

We understand that larger organisations operating across multiple international regions have more complex considerations when it comes to monitoring the activity of a high number of staff that are accessing their logging, cloud SIEM and analysis dashboards.

Our audit log report ensures that you can monitor this activity. Additionally, by providing a platform that fully centralises all of your system and service logs you can also use our platform to make complying with regulations such as HIPAA, ISO, GDPR, PCI & SOC2 far easier.

We also guarantee to uphold the security of your data as our company is fully ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, PCI Level 2 & SOC2 Compliant & GDPR ready. is also the only observability platform that operates in compliance with Cyber Essentials, an essential cybersecurity accreditation for UK based businesses.

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed compliance standard offered by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) that enables companies to demonstrate that they have protected themselves against the most common causes of cyber-attacks.

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enterprise level compliance and securityenterprise level compliance and security
benefits of internal audit log

Audit Log Benefits

  • Fast search & filter by name, ID, IP & event type
  • Available across UK, European and US data centres
  • See who is interacting & accessing Kibana
  • View activity at Account & Stack level
  • Records when a new user has accepted an account/Stack invite
  • Export feature for long term storage of events for compliance & security
  • Freely export audit data as either JSON & CSV without vendor lock-in
  • Multiple events are logged when users have accessed Kibana for an extended amount of time
  • View Your Audit Logs With Clarity

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